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WinZip 10.0 is a must have application that helps you to compress and decompress your ZIP files!
Published: Oct 31, 2005
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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WinZip 10 by WinZip Computing, Inc.


WinZip, by WinZip Computing,Inc. is the best-known program for working with ZIP and other compressed files. The interface is very intuitive and the program is easy-to-use. It's perfect for all levels of users - from beginners to advanced. WinZip was the first program to support ZIP files under Microsoft Windows and it's continually gotten better and better. It's also won multiple Shareware Industry Awards and SIAF People's Choice Awards, along with many other honors. If you need to work with ZIP files, this is the program you want to try. And today, November 1, 2005, with the release of WinZip version 10.0, WinZip just got better! This is truly a "must have application!"

This new version of WinZip comes in two flavors, Standard and Pro. Which version you use will depend on your needs. The standard version has several new features. For one it offers support for the "Attachment Manager" found in Windows XP Service Pack 2. It also allows for quicker selection of files to work with, and can create even smaller ZIP format files. Another really slick new feature is the ability so split ZIP files so you can put them on discs,CDs, and the like.

The Pro version of WinZip has all of the features found in the standard version plus some dazzling extras! I have to say I'm really impressed with the range of new features. With Pro you can create ZIP "jobs" and then schedule those jobs to run whenever you like.This is great for always zipping up files in folder, and lots of other uses. WinZip Pro can be used to efficiently create backups and you can even create a ZIP file that goes directly to a DVD or CD. Slick! And if all that weren't enough, WinZip Pro also has built-in FTP so you can even transfer you ZIP files to your Web site. It just doesn't get any easier than that!

Caution From The Makers of WinZip

"Caution, WinZip 10.0 is not a free upgrade. If you are a registered user of a previous version of WinZip and install WinZip 10.0, you will no longer be registered. If you have a multi-user license and you wish to try WinZip 10.0, make sure you save a backup copy of your current WinZip before installing WinZip 10.0, so you can go back to your previous registered version of WinZip, if you so desire. You do not need to uninstall your older, registered version of WinZip. You can install this version of WinZip to the same location as a previously installed copy of WinZip."

More On The New Features!

WinZip is simply loaded with great, new features. For one, it has improved file compression and introduces two new compression methods, bzip2 and PPMd. These new methods can give better compression and that results in smaller size ZIP files. It should be noted that these compression methods are so new that for now they are supported only by WinZip itself. You can only unpack ZIP files created with the PPMd compression using WinZip 10, and you can use WinZip 9.x or 10 to unpack bzip2 files. The folks at WinZip Computing, Inc. have gone ahead and published the full specification of the new PPMd standard. What does this mean? It means that other software companies can incorporate support for PPMd in their applications.

There's also a new Explorer-style view of the contents of your ZIP files. The program can split ZIP files on the fly allowing you to easily create ZIP files that have multiple parts. You can also drag and drop folders and files to and from your ZIP files. And, the new WinZip will also check automatically for updates so you can be sure you always have the latest version.

Features Only In WinZip Pro!

The features I've talked about up to now are available in bothversions of WinZip, both Standard and Pro. From here on out, however, I'm only going to talk about the cool new features found in WinZip Pro.

Another new feature is the "Job Wizard" which can be used to create jobs that help to automate the process of doing backups with WinZip. You can use the Job Wizard to fully automate any task ZIP task that you've been doing manually up till now. I've found that the "jobs" can be very powerful, but the process of creating them is quite easy. The wizard finds out what you want to compress, when, and where you want the compressed file stored. You can fun "jobs" manually or you can schedule them. And one really cool feature of "jobs" is that you can have the resulting ZIP file uploaded via the built-in FTP. "Jobs" can be encrypted using AES encryption or standard encryption.

Another slick feature in WinZip Pro is the ability to add date and time information to the end of a ZIP file name. That's perfect for when you want to create backups, say of a folder, and yet keep your backups separate. The Pro version of WinZip can also zip a file to a DVD or CD. That eliminates the entire step of creating the ZIP file first and then putting it on your other media.

WinZip 10.0, by WinZip Computing,Inc., is an impressive new release of this long-time favorite. To really appreciate all of the great, new features, you have to try it for yourself. See just what a difference this new version can make to the way you handle and work with ZIP files. Standard or Pro, the choice is yours. WinZip is truly a Must Have Application!

Go Download WinZip 10 NOW!

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