Today Doc features another program that has made it to his short list of all time favorites. Take a look at FolderMatch.
Published: Nov 6, 2005
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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FolderMatch 3.5.7
Download FolderMatch makes it quick and easy to compare and synchronize the contents of any two...
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A Dr. File Finder Favorite - FolderMatch

FolderMatch, by Salty BrineSoftware, has won both the Shareware Industry Award and the SIAFPeople's Choice Awards. It provides a really quick and easy way tosynchronize files and folders on your computers. There are lots ofoptions for keeping things just the way you want them. I personally useit all the time to keep certain folders on multiple computers up-to-date. Here's an example: you have two computers, Computer 1and Computer 2. People work on documents on both computers and eachcomputer has a My Documents folder. I want documents written on eithercomputer to be available on both. Using FolderMatch, I have it comparethe two My Documents folders. The program shows me the listing forComputer 1 on the left side of the screen, and the list for Computer 2on the right showing what's the same and what's different.

From there, I can select to have files transfer in both directions ..putting files from Computer 1 on Computer 2 and vice versa. When I'mdone, the My Documents folders on both computers have all thesame files! Very slick! FolderMatch can compare files in a varietyof ways. The simplest way is to look at the file size and date, butthere are also advanced methods that I won't go into here. If you havemore than one computer, whether they're desktops or laptops, or both,you can easily keep them synchronized.

FolderMatch, by Salty Brine Software, is both powerful and easy-to-use, and it's wonderful for keeping files and folders in sync. So, ifyou have more than one computer, check it out! I think you'll find it asuseful as I do! That's why it's not only a Pick but it's also one of myDr. File Finder Favorites. Truly excellent.

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