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This week Doc takes a look at more cool programs including EasyOffice with PDF Filter, Real One Player, Magic Folders,
Published: Nov 17, 2005
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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EasyOffice with PDF Filter, by E-Press Corp is a really impressive and powerful suite of office-related programs. It would be impossible for me to tell you about all the many features and functions this suite comes with, so I'll just point out some of the ones that stand out. One thing that's cool is that it can read any file created by Microsoft Office, so if you've been using that you can still open and modify your old files. The program has support for 30 languages, which I thought was pretty darn impressive. But that's not even a dent. This baby does just about everything!

For one, EasyOffice Premium comes with a complete email client so you can do your email. But even the email program is full-featured. It filters SPAM, seeks out viruses, has a dictionary, an email manager, and it even lets you read email on Yahoo, Hotmail, and Googles "Gmail". Slick! And it doesn't stop there. The program goes way beyond just being an office-style program. This is a program you really have to see to believe. Just a few of its modules include:

  • EasyIM
  • EasyGraphicsSuite
  • EasySpeller
  • EasyZIP
  • EasyPresentation
  • EasyProject
  • EasyFTP
  • And MORE...

EasyOffice Premium is simply jampacked with virtually every tool you need. A ZIP program, a program for making PDF files, a graphics program, an IM program, a project manager, a synchronization program, a calendar, and the list goes on. So, if you're looking for an Office program that will do everything you need, this is the program you need to look at. And it comes at an amazingly low price. You can't afford not to take the time to give this product a really thorough test drive. It could save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Check it out --- I recommend it!

Real One Player, by Real Networksis the free version of the media player that the company provides. While many more advanced users know all about it, I felt I wanted to at least mention it for the benefit of all you newer users. Real One Player was one of the very first multi-media players available on the Internet. It can play music, videos, has jukebox function, and more. This free version can be upgraded to the more powerful and full-featured version. Real One also provides lots of content for a low, monthly subscription fee. So, if you're just looking for a basic media player, take a good look are Real One. It's free and it works really well!

Magic Folders, by PC-Magic Software is a cool program for anyone who wants to "hide" certain files and folders right on their computer. You can use it to completely hide any sensitive data you might have -- like finances, contracts, and the like. And let me tell you, when you hide something with Magic Folders, it's hidden! Anyone looking for hidden folders won't be able to see them, open them, or even delete them. So, you know your data is safe!

Magic Folders lets you use a password to instantly hide or reveal your hidden folders. This is a cool program for anyone that feels they have data that they don't want others to access. It can be very useful if your computer is used by multiple members of your family. Simply utilize Magic Folders to totally hide your financial program, or anything else you think should be off limits. Just a word of caution. As with all programs like this you need to be certain that you remember your password. Without the password even you can't get at your files. So, give Magic Folders a try. I think you'll find it useful!

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