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Published: Nov 30, 2005
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Web forms

Wouldn�t it be nice if it was real easy to create online registration forms yourself? Any time you wanted to organize an event, add a sign-up form to your Web site or even start a simple Web shop you could just do it!

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Even in these modern times, many people are still tediously typing over stuff into Excel, from paper coupons that were sent in by people who have an Internet connection that is fast enough to watch television! That in itself is bad, but if you organize a complete conference, training course, seminar or other event, it�s just the tip of the iceberg.

You also have to keep track of sending the right confirmations to the right people, at the right time (�We haven't received your payment yet�). And of course you spend a lot of time calculating prices, investigating preferences (�Who exactly wants a single room?�) and whether you can get the mail merge function in Word running properly this time to print the name tags on time.

However, if you use the new Jumpstart-it 2.0 (5-cows), you can indeed create and process online registration forms yourself with remarkable ease. Out of chaos, order.

This software was designed from to ground up with the aim that administrating any kind of registrations would take just 10 minutes a day. And that it would be carefree. With the new 2.0 version, you can even receive and book credit card payments automatically!

Jumpstart-it is a great time saver for any business, non-profit organization or government body. Secretaries and office managers: get rid of the boring work as soon as you can!

How to Create and Customize Online Registration Forms

Anyone can create online forms with Jumpstart-it. Just specify which information you want to collect. With the built-in design templates, your form looks great immediately. You can even add your own logo and pick colors from your existing Web site.

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As soon as anyone registers themselves on your form, Jumpstart-it retrieves the information into a local database. You no longer have to copy and paste or type in addresses from dozens or even hundreds of coupons or e-mails. Just imagine how many hours that would save you or the secretary of your favorite club.

Send the right emails or postal-mails automatically

Jumpstart-it tracks who needs to receive what information at what time. You only have to confirm the sending of e-mails. And yes, I�m afraid you still do need to fold the letters and stamp the envelopes.

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View and search the data

Finding all data for a specific contact is real quick. Here you can see the efficient thinking that has gone into Jumpstart-it. If somebody phones you, you just press F3, type in part of their name and voila all the information is available at your fingertips.

Jumpstart-it keeps a journal for each contact with all registration data, processed payments, and sent e-mails and letters. It is simple to create filters that let you look at selected groups of people, or export their information to Excel, Word, CSV or XML files.

Let the system keep track of fees and charges

Jumpstart-it keeps track of the fees and charges associated with each person's selections, and calculates the total charges for each person. So if you want to charge more for a single room than for a double room, you just specify the extra price and Jumpstart-it automatically calculates the right amount for each person.

Even better: you can now integrate your online form with PayPal. This makes it easy for your clients to pay via credit card, immediately after signing up. And Jumpstart-it will automatically book the payments that were received via PayPal. No more worries, no more unnecessary typing!

Click. Click. Done!

Jumpstart-it was designed to be really user friendly. There�s lots of help available and the guides aid you in setting up your online form step by step.

If you have only limited computer experience, you may need some help from your webmaster initially to setup your event. But once you're rolling, boy, you'll be moving fast!

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Jumpstart-it is a great solution for anyone who needs to administrate an event, whether it is for business, government, school a non-profit organization, a festival or anything else.

It will at least save you a lot of time, and it may even save you serious money by automating the most important aspects of attendee registrations or any other kind of online form processing.

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Jumpstart-it Features:

  • It�s very easy to create Online forms for use over the Internet
  • Jumpstart-it automates your back office
  • Automatically send confirmation e-mails (built-in) or letters (via Word)
  • Built-in fee calculation based on choices made on the online form
  • Quick search to find any contact in mere seconds
  • Full automatic backups, even to multiple places and e-mail
  • Easy export of data to Excel to create lists or statistics

Requirements: - Jumpstart-it requires a screen resolution of 1024 x 768, a web hosting account with PHP 4.2 or higher (4.3, 5.0 etc.) if you want to publish Online forms. Most ISPs can provide you with PHP support.

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About The Author...

Taco Oosterkamp is the architect of Jumpstart-it. As a Certified Trainer, he has educated hundreds of software developers in building quality applications. At the same time, he also trains people in other skills like communication and leadership. A long time ago, while studying at the university, he worked as a help desk employee in a big hospital. He still thinks that that first job taught him more about designing great software than most anything else.

You can e-mail him at taco@jumpstart-it.com

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