ShortKeys replaces a text string of up to 32 characters with a word, sentence, paragraph or several paragraphs. The replacement text may be up to 3000 characters in length. Read more in this week's Shareware Spotlight...
Published: Dec 12, 2005
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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ShortKeys 2.1d
Download Text Replacement utility. Type a few characters and ShortKeys will replace them with up to...

ShortKeys is what every software program should be. It performs as advertised, it saves time and it's very easy to use. On top of all that, ShortKeys is also inexpensive.

What does ShortKeys Do?

ShortKeys is intended for use with programs that allow text input such as a word processor, text editor or e-mail program. It replaces a text string of up to 32 characters with a word, sentence, paragraph or several paragraphs. The replacement text may be up to 3000 characters in length.

ShortKeys runs in the background and monitors all keyboard activity. If one of the specified words (shortkeys) is typed, it will be erased and the replacement text is inserted in its place.

Simply put, type a few characters that you have predefined and the characters are replaced with the expanded text - up to 3000 characters!


By typing just three or four characters to produce 100, 500 or even 3,000 characters, you end up saving time, not to mention wear and tear on your wrists, arms and neck. Magnify this small savings by multiple times per day and you have soon saved yourself a significant chunk of time. You will quickly realize that the program pays for itself in just a few days of use.

You will eliminate a number of spelling or typing errors by having your block of replacement text pre-written. ShortKeys provides a spell checker to proof your replacement text, if needed.

You can also set up ShortKeys to work similar to the Auto-Correct function in MS Word. In fact, you can even import the auto-correct list from Word to use as a starting point. So, for example, every time you type "teh" in an e-mail or other application, ShortKeys fixes the spelling. Again, saving you time by not having to backtrack, erase the mistyped letters and retype them correctly.

ShortKeys makes it easy to place a date or time stamp in your document. Use the program to quickly insert ASCII characters not found on the keyboard, such as symbols or foreign language characters.

Simple to Use

There are four simple steps to create a new shortkey:

  1. Open the Modify Keys (edit) window.
  2. Select your shortkey name (abbreviation).
  3. Enter the text that will be inserted into other programs. (For simplicity, you can even copy the text from another source and paste it into the ShortKeys.)
  4. Save the shortkey.

Type the shortkey into your program and watch it insert the replacement text. That’s all there is to it! You are well on your way to new speed records.


ShortKeys runs under Windows 2003/XP/2000/Me/98/NT4/95, costs just $19.95 (US) and can be ordered securely online from our company Web site at http://www.shortkeys.com.


If you do any type of repetitive typing, then you'll immediately recognize the benefits ofShortKeys. You’ll soon wonder how you ever managed without this program.

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