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SwordSearcher Bible Software is one of Doc's Favorites and a perfect gift for this time of year. Check it out.
Published: Dec 15, 2005
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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SwordSearcher Bible Software 6.0.1
Download This Bible software provides users with tools to enhance study.
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A Dr. File Finder Favorite -- SwordSearcher Bible Software
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  • SwordSearcher Bible Software, by Akamai Software, is a powerful tool for studying the Bible. Right off the bat I was impressed by the fact that the program starts up and offers you access to Quick Start tutorials. I think that's a great idea because it helps you use the program more effectively.

    The program provides an excellent way for anyone to study the Bible. It makes it easy to search in a variety of ways. You can search by verse, such as John 3:16; you can search for a word,such as "God;" and you can even search on a phrase such as "For God so loved the world" and you'll get instant results! Really quite impressive. Now, obviously the trial version doesn't have all of the dictionaries, maps and so on, but it does have the complete King James Bible included. This is a product that really gives you all the tools you need including maps, dictionaries, illustrations and more.

    In looking over the SwordSearcher Web site I was simply dazzled by the amount of material that comes with the Deluxe version. I won't even begin to list it all here, but just in the area of Bible text the full version includes King James Version (my personal favorite), the Wycliffe Translation, the Geneva Bible, the World English Bible, the King James 2000 version and many more.

    Really an impressive collection of text that would be very expensive if you purchased each book. And it doesn't stop there. It also includes well-known commentaries like The People's New Testament Commentary, the Burkitt Expository Notes on the New Testament, John Wesley's Bible Notes and many more. And if the program just stopped there it would be a really impressive piece of work, but there's more still. The product also includes a host of dictionaries, books, and the like. This is a program that can easily be used simply for reading as well as for serious study. What's very cool is that you can find a group of passages, for example, I was looking in the book or Romans. And, while having the text of each verse at the top, you can click on a link to Spurgeon's Morning and Evening Devotional and down below you'll get Spurgeon's comments on a particular verse. Slick!

    SwordSearcher, by Akamai Software, is, without question, the most impressive Bible-related program I've ever looked at, and I've looked at quite a few. The features and functions it provides to the user will blow you away. The program even makes it easy to insert Bible verses into other documents. You can use the program to do intensive Bible research utilizing a dazzling array of materials or you can simply use it in you devotions. So, to put it quite simply, in my opinion, if you are a Christian you owe it to yourself and your family to take a good look at SwordSearcher! So impressive it's not only a Pick, but a Dr. File Finder Favorite. The first one of 2005! Give this product a try -- I recommend it highly!

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