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WordPerfect Office 12 is the newest version of the award winning office suite and the leading alternative to Microsoft Office.
Published: Dec 16, 2005
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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WordPerfect Office Standard Edition X5
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WordPerfect� Office 12 is the newest version of the award winning office suite and the leading alternative to Microsoft� Office.

WordPerfect Office 12 boosts productivity with the trusted power of WordPerfect for word processing, Quattro� Pro for spreadsheets and Presentations for multimedia slide shows. The suite also includes an address book for managing contacts, the new WordPerfect Wireless Office Suite powered by ZIM to keep users connected with WordPerfect Office via their mobile phone, and the new WordPerfect OfficeReady template browser - a powerful platform for managing WordPerfect Office templates including the 40 new templates bundled with WordPerfect Office 12.

With larger vendors developing office systems for the enterprise market, WordPerfect Office 12 offers feature-rich, Microsoft-compatible functionality to customers seeking a more cost-effective office suite. Below is an overview of the new and noteworthy features included in WordPerfect Office 12.

  • Enhanced! Compatibility with Microsoft Office - Based on user feedback, many file compatibility enhancements with Microsoft Office have been added. With WordPerfect Office 12, its easier than ever before to exchange information with clients using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint�.
  • New! Workspace Manager - The new Workspace Manager allows users to easily adjust the user interface to meet their needs. Users can set up WordPerfect, Quattro Pro and Presentations to put WordPerfect Office 12 features, including toolbars and menu items, exactly where they would find the Microsoft Office equivalent. It also applies Microsoft Office keyboard shortcuts to WordPerfect Office 12 features, virtually eliminating training and ramp-up time, two critical barriers to adopting an alternative office suite. Users can choose between WordPerfect Office or Microsoft Office-style interfaces, a Lotus� 1-2-3� mode or the WordPerfect 5.1 Classic Mode. Legal users of WordPerfect Office 12 will benefit from easy access to the legal tools and keyboard shortcuts they use most, all by activating the WordPerfect Legal Mode from within the WordPerfect 12 Workspace Manager.
  • New! Compatibility Toolbars - WordPerfect Office 12 allows users to open, edit, print and save Microsoft Office files without searching through menus or making multiple selections. Users can now quickly publish documents to PDF, the Web, XML, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint at the click of a button, saving time and dramatically reducing the complexity of working with Microsoft Office files.
  • New! Upgrade Installation - When installing WordPerfect Office 12, users can now choose to upgrade their existing installation without first uninstalling their previous version. Customizations and preference settings can now be automatically forwarded to a new version of WordPerfect Office, saving time and making it easier than ever to upgrade.
  • New! WordPerfect OfficeReady Browser - The WordPerfect OfficeReady Browser supplies a fast and easy-to-use template browser that helps small businesses manage their templates and lets them focus on working, not searching. The WordPerfect OfficeReady Browser lets users organize, preview and access WordPerfect Office 12 templates in one easy-to-use browser, includes 40 new templates and provides single-click access to many more via the Web.
  • New! WordPerfect Wireless Office Suite, powered by ZIM - Mobile phones and office suites are both critical tools for today's small businesses. WordPerfect Office 12 uses the WordPeWireless Office Suite to provide mobile phones with Microsoft Outlook e-mail and calendar functionality, instant messaging and more. This allows users to stay connected and access critical information even when they're on the road.
  • Other Key Benefits of WordPerfect Office

  • Support for format-rich documents - WordPerfect Office takes the mystery out of document formatting. Users enjoy full control ph numbering, outlines, bulleted lists and tables. Corel RealTime Preview lets users preview formatting changes before committing to them, and with Reveal Codes users can view and edit formatting codes, saving valuable time and giving them unprecedented control over their documents.
  • Navigation control for long documents - WordPerfect Office saves time by allowing users to efficiently move through long documents with ease and efficiency, using features such as the Document Map, Browse by control, Autoscroll and Navigation buttons.
  • Microsoft Outlook integration - WordPerfect Office provides an outstanding level of interoperability with the tools small businesses use to communicate. WordPerfect Office 12 provides access to Outlook address books from within WordPerfect 12 when creating routing slips for document tracking, mail merges or envelopes and labels.
  • Publish to PDF - Users can quickly generate PDF documents from WordPerfect 12 and Presentations 12 without the need to purchase copies of Adobe Acrobat or other PDF-generating tools. In addition, users can optimize the size or resolution of PDF files with the most powerful and option-rich PDF publishing engine of any office suite.
  • CrossTab Reports - Quattro Pro provides a broad set of tools for sorting and filtering large amounts of information–similar to PivotTables in Microsoft Excel. Quattro Pro 12 also includes extensive options for creating visually powerful 3D charts.
  • Powerful graphics tools - Capitalizing on Corel's leadership in graphics, WordPerfect Office provides powerful integrated graphics tools that let users enhance word processing documents, spreadsheets and presentations with 3D charts, tables and clipart images, as well as user-created designs.

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Corel Corporation provides easy-to-use personal productivity software that helps millions of users worldwide run their businesses and extend their creativity at work and at home. With its emphasis on customer-driven product development and affordable pricing, Corel addresses the specific and evolving needs of value-oriented small businesses and individuals seeking proven alternatives to more costly and inflexible software products.

As one of the top ten packaged software brands in the world, Corel offers a broad range of feature-rich software addressing four key market segments: PC graphics, office productivity, digital image editing and natural-media painting and illustration. Corel's award-winning product brands all share important attributes: ease of use, affordability, reliability and loyal, enduring customer bases.

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