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A look at Ace Utilities, e-Surveiller, AlfaClock and more
Published: Jan 4, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Snarfer 0.4.0
Download Snarfer is the best way to Read, Search and Manage RSS.
Ace Utilities 6.2
Download Ace Utilities is an award winning collection of tools to optimize your PC's performance.
IconCool Manager 6.20.121120
Download An icon library with dozens of sample entries is included, you can search icons by...
One thing I can promise is that your year will be loaded with software "Picks", "Quick Picks", "Favorites", and lots more. We're going to be adding some new things to the editorial here at Tucows and there will be new columns and new features. Anyway, I've been busy looking at more great products and I've picked some to tell you about. So, if you're all set, just sit back, relax, and lets take a look.

Ace Utilities, by Acelogix Software.com is a group of slick utilities that will help to keep your computer running smoothly. It has a number of modules that help to keep your computer purring. For one, it cleans out all the junk that accumulates when you surf the Internet. This function works very fast and does a very thorough job. You also get the ability to clean out the Windows Registry, which also gets clogged up with useless and deleted entries.

Ace Utilities will remove duplicate files, fix shortcuts that are broken, and can even help you to uninstall program. Pretty cool. Another really useful feature is the ability to monitor the programs that start each time Windows starts. You might be truly surprised to see just how many things are loading and using up memory every time you start your computer. With this tool you can eliminate things you don't want running and free up memory for applications.

Ace Utilities has a very intuitive user interface and I found it very easy-to-use. That makes it perfect for users with all levels of experience. By eliminating the clutter from your computer and helping you to free up memory, the program makes your computer run better. So, if you've been looking for a tool to help you keep your computer neat and clean, this just might be what you're looking for. Check it out!

e-Surveiller, by SurveilleTech LLC is a powerful program that helps you to monitor everything, and I do mean everything that takes place on your computer. I have to say I was quite impressed with all the things this program can keep track of. It can "record" what programs were run, what files were opened, it can monitor and record both sides of a chat conversation, and lots more. And if that isn't enough, the program can even show you the screen of a remote computer. Wow!

eSurveiller has the power to monitor computers on a network whether it's in the same building or across the Internet. It will record every keystroke, keep track of all changes to files, and store all this data in a log for you. At the same time, if you really want, you could "watch" the desktop of the computer being monitored in real time. And hey, it can even monitor more than just one computer. So, that makes it perfect for use both in a home or an office setting. While on the one hand I'm against "spying" on young people, I do feel it is the obligation of parents to know what their children are doing on the computer. And, I also recognize the need for their to be accountability in the workplace. So, whether you have some suspicious employees or some normally curious teenagers, this is a program that will tell you what they've been up to.

eSurveiller seems to be able to monitor and record just about anything that happens on a computer. And tell you about it. Or let you watch it... "live." It will even put time and date stamps on activities so you know exactly when they happened. So, if you need to monitor the usage of your home computer or a bunch of computers on a LAN, take a look at eSurveiller! Very powerful and full-featured. Nicely done.

AlfaClock Free, by AlfaClock.com is a clever tool that makes the clock found in your Windows "tray" a bit more powerful. Actually, more than a bit. It will show you the date, the time, and will even let you create alarms. Another cool feature is the ability to "say" the date and/or time. And, you can even see a calendar that shows the weekends highlighted. AlfaClock makes sure your clock is on-time by syncing with online atomic clocks, the most accurate clocks in the world.

AlfaClock takes one set of function and does them well. And in doing that it gives excellent functionality to a "clock" that normally just sits there taking up space. So, if you're looking for a simple calendar, a way to set alarms for yourself, a way to keep you computer clock on time, this may be just what you're looking for. Excellent!

Snarfer, by Snarfware LLCis a tool you'll want to look at if you're really into RSS news feeds. The program even comes with a SQL database to help you manage data from news feeds. I was amazed when I installed it that it actually provided me with a huge list of "feeds" to pick from, more than a 1,000. The goal of the program is to help you organize and manage news feeds. The program pulls in the data you've specified, organizes it, and then provides it to you for reading.

Snarfer is an RSS newsreader on steroids, and possibly speed. I've looked at a number of newsreaders and this is probably the most impressive one I've seen. This is one newsreader that looks like it's going to evolve and grow and I'll be keeping an eye on it. And if you like your newsfeeds you might want to look at it too! I recommend it.

Dr. File Finder Quick Picks
Dr. File Finder Quick Pick
  • IconCool Manager by Newera Software Technology Inc.
  • Check ItOut!

IconCool Manager is a powerful tool for working with all kinds of icons. It lets you create them, manage them, convert them, and lots more. It also supports a wide range of image formats if you want to export icons. You can export to GIF, JPG, WMF, TIF, and more. You can even sort your icons and maintain multiple icon libraries. So, if you're into icons, check it out and I'll get to my full review as soon as I can.

Dr. File Finder Quick Pick

Pipeline is a game, but it's more than a game. I installed it and before I knew what happened I was hooked. Hooked putting pipes together. Water starts running and you have to hook up pipes to channel the water. Sounds easy enough, but just wait. You have to earn points to get more pipe and if you don't you'll have to start over. I don't review a lot of games anymore and now I remember why. This game is beautifully done and it requires some thinking to get good at it. So, if you like a challenge, challenge yourself to Pipeline. I'll get to a full revives shortly, but don't wait for me, check it out.

Dr. File Finder Quick PickPop-Up Dictionary is a great way to translate text from one language into another. The goal? Well, to learn that other language. It seems to have support for every language I've ever heard of and it's a powerful tool for learning a language. You can mark particular phrases to be studied, and then later test yourself on them. You can change the fonts used, the colors, and so on. Looks like an interesting way to tackle a new language to me. Check it out and I'll have a full review for you shortly.

Well, that brings us to a close for my first picks of 2006. I hope you'll continue to join me each week and I'll continue to bring you reviews of excellent software products. Check these programs out for yourself, you won't be disappointed. I'll be back next week with more cool programs to tell you about. And don't forget to be watching for new features, and new things in the existing ones. Screen shots, more Must Have Applications, guest reviewers, and new columns. Reviews of iPod software, iPods, software for Palm and Pocket PC, and much, much, more. I'll be back next week and I hope you will be too. Tell your friends.Until then, have a great week, a wonderful weekend, and happy downloading.

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