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If you'd like a software product that can help to keep you organized, take a look at Black Hole Organizer.
Published: Dec 22, 2005
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Black Hole Organizer 3.0.9
Download Manage your documents with Black Hole Organizer. Find notes quickly with Power Search.

Tired of losing your important notes? Have a task to complete? Reminder programs too complicated to use?? Then take a look at Black Hole Organizer now!

All too often you sit down to draft a letter or jot some quick notes down and you lose them somewhere on that thing we call a desk, otherwise known as a Black Hole. Well now you can organize that Black Hole with Black Hole Organizer! You can store all of your notes and documents in one convenient place AND you can get them back out again. Simply put, it's the best organizer software application going!

With Black Hole Organizer's text editor you can create beautiful documents that you can either print or e-mail to others as needed. Below we touch on just a few of the features that you will find inside Black Hole Organizer but be sure to download and give it a work out to find out just how it can save you time!

The Best Just Got Better!!

  • Recognized for years as best-of-breed
  • Quickly store or retrieve any information you have
  • Hotkeys allow you to quickly insert documents without having to leave the program you are using
  • Keeps any plain text or RTF document, including images
  • Full formatting capabilities
  • Create tables, format paragraphs and more
  • Create hot links to other internal documents, Web sites or even to local files
  • Create any number of categories and documents
  • Set reminder alarms for important documents to remind you of tasks to be completed or even Web sites to visit
  • Saves automatically, no chance of forgetting
  • E-mail documents to your friends from within
  • Export documents to TXT or RTF files
  • Powerful Explorer-like Find feature lets you find text in any document quickly and easily
  • Import text documents from your system
  • Drag and Drop supported
  • Custom columns let you organize your data more efficiently

If you are tired of looking through all of the PIM software offerings out there you can stop looking now. Black Hole Organizer is the best organizer software product going and can handle all of your notes. Quick sorting and searching features allow you to easily work with all your documents. Black Hole Organizer has won many awards, including the SIAF People's Choice award. There are many notes, PIM and organizer software programs out there, but Black Hole Organizer is the only one you need. Order your copy today!

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