BB FlashBack

BB FlashBack is a powerful tool for doing screen recording.
Published: Jan 14, 2006
Author: Blueberry Consultants, Ltd.
Screen capture
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BB FlashBack Pro Screen Recorder
Download BB FlashBack Professional is a screen recording application for creating tutorials,...

BB FlashBack: powerful but easy screen recording and demo movie authoring for Windows.

For creating training movies and video archives BB FlashBack is the tool for you. BB FlashBack allows you to record your PC screen and play back the footage in a real time movie. Movie footage can be enhanced with text, soundtracks and advanced editing such as speed control, cut and paste footage, mouse cursor control and more. When you're happy with your movie you can export your video to a number of industry standard formats such as AVI, WMV, EXE or Flash.

BB FlashBack's default recording mode uses a special capture driver. Instead of taking rapid screen shots and framing them in quick succession to produce footage, the capture driver works by logging only when changes are drawn to the screen and relevant timings. The result is a smaller movie file size, less impact on your system resources during recording, and a totally smooth video output. The capture driver has been driver signed by Microsoft for use on windows 2000 and XP systems.

Some of the application's leading features include:

  • Text effects including color, font, border, shape and shadow selection.
  • Import any custom image and position it into your movie.
  • Capture sound from any sound channel on your PC, or add in MP3/WAV files after recording.
  • Erase, insert, copy or paste footage inside or between movies.
  • Timeline, framebar and marker systems for easy navigation at any level of detail.
  • Crop your movie view to any size.
  • Show, hide or re-record mouse cursor.
  • Keystroke logging and search tools.

BB FlashBack is priced $199 and contains all the features above and more.

We also offer a value edition of the product: BB FlashBack Express. BB FlashBack Express has all the recording capability of BB FlashBack, without the editing and production features. BB FlashBack Express can also export movies to AVI and Flash format, and all for $39. System requirements: Windows 98 or above, DirectX 7.0 or higher.

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