Picks: Mozilla Firefox, CornerStone iBrowser, 27 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser and more

If you are looking for alternatives to Web browsers such as Internet Explorer or Netscape, read Doc's roundup of other browsers that are out there waiting for you to try.
Published: Jan 17, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Mozilla Firefox for Windows 20.0b6
Download This browser provides pop-up control and a tabbed navigation mode that lets you open...
27 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser 5.10
Download Wichio is a tabbed browser with 27 built-in utilities.
Avant Browser 2012 build 169, 4.8.2012
Download Avant Browser is a fast, stable, user-friendly, versatile tabbed browser.
NetCaptor 7.2.0
Download This program allows you to use browser tabs for simultaneous multi-window viewing.

Avant Browser, by Avant Force, is a great Web browser that features tabs. That means you can surf multiple pages at once and that can be a real convenience. I found the program to be both intuitive and easy-to-use. The program has a built-in pop-up and blocker so your surfing isn't constantly interrupted. It even filters out Flash elements so your pages load faster. Very slick.

Avant Browser is FREE and that will certainly appeal to many. The company does accept donations and I think once you try this product out you'll want to donate. Another cool feature is the ability to serve as an RSS and ATOM newsreader. That means you don't have to have a separate program, you can read news feeds right in your browser. An impressive feature is the product's full screen mode. When they say full screen they mean it! Your entire screen becomes the Web pages. No menus, no toolbars ... nothing but 'Net. (Sorry, couldn't help it). You can also use a full desktop mode that lets you see the Windows taskbar. Slick!

Avant Browser also has search engines Yahoo! and Google built-in so you can easily find things. They've also given the mouse some extra power. For example, if you're in a Web page and click a link on that page with the middle mouse button it will open the link in a new window. It also has "mouse gestures" which allow you to accomplish tasks by moving your mouse cursor a certain way. The program has the increasingly popular skins so you can give the program a custom look, it's fully compatible with Internet Explorer, it protects you from online threats, makes it easy to erase your tracks and lots more. So, if you're looking for an alternative browser with lots of power, this is a program you'll want to check out.

NetCaptor, by Stilesoft Inc., is a really powerful Web browser with a difference. What's the difference? It uses tabs so you can have multiple pages loaded at one time. The tabs make a huge difference because you can move from one site to another, without ever really leaving it. It's as easy as moving from one tab to another. Very slick. Another very cool feature is the ability to create what are called "CaptorGroups." So, for example, say you find yourself visiting the same group of sites all the time to get news. Say ABC, CBS, FOX and CNN. You can make a CaptorGroup that contains all of those sites. Then, when you want news, you can just load that CaptorGroup and tab from site to site with ease.

NetCaptor's CaptorGroups give you the ability to group like sites together, load all of them quickly and view each of them on their own tab! That makes for easy viewing and I find that very handy! At the same time, the program is loaded with lots of other features that make it a joy to use. One feature that I find very handy is the ability to block popup ads and banner ads. What a timesaver! And NetCaptor does it automatically. You can also launch your e-mail program, newsgroup reader, AOL and more, right from NetCaptor. Organize your favorites, organize your CaptorGroups, change your security settings and lots more right from within the program. You can also click an option that lets you quickly e-mail a Web page you're on to a friend!! NetCaptor will even remove all traces of your Internet surfing. Very cool!

NetCaptor, by Stilesoft, Inc., is a really powerful Web browser that's loaded with lots of extras. The ability to load Web pages on tabs gives you a lot of flexibility. The ability to load them in groups is just downright useful! And beyond that, NetCaptor gives you a level of control that you won't find in other browsers. The way it blocks popup ads and banners is in itself worth the price of admission. It has advanced security options, a host of address-related tools, and lots, lots more. So, if you're looking for a Web browser that gives you more power and flexibility, you need to take a look at NetCaptor! Very nicely done!

CornerStone iBrowser, by CornerStone Software Solutions, is a browser that lets you surf multiple pages at one time. One neat feature allows you to maintain multiple databases of bookmarks. Now that's a slick idea! You can even add comments to the bookmarks, search them, print them and more. Heck, you can even associate an icon with a bookmark. Nice.

CornerStone iBrowser lets you save keywords from your searches which can be a real time saver. It's completely compatible with Internet Explorer and it's easy-to-use. The program can import your bookmarks from IE, Netscape and Opera. While it has many great features, it has extensive support for working with and managing your bookmarks. So, if you have a lot of bookmarks you'll want to check out CornerStone iBrowser. Give it a try!

27 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser, by Wichio, by Wichio, Inc., is a really impressive Web browser that's just loaded with options. Recently I've found myself looking at a number of so-called alternative Web browsers and this one is towards the top of my list. To begin with, after I installed it, it automatically imported all of my Favorites from Internet Explorer. Pretty slick. The program has all the basic things you'd expect in a Web browser, but it has so many cool extras. I don't know if I can cover all of the extras, but I'll try to cover some of my favorites. When the authors called it "27 tools-in-1" they weren't kidding.

27 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser has a built-in download manager that shows you every file you download. That includes every file that gets added to your Internet cache. Cool. Another really slick feature is a built-in e-mail alert that notifies you whenever you have e-mail come in. Not only can it handle POP3 accounts but Web accounts like Yahoo! as well. The program also has a feature called Web Update Alert and this is another slick option. You can add Web pages that you want watched and the browser will tell you when any of those pages have changes made. Wow! It also has a number of Internet-related features built right in. These include things like an IP-URL check that provides a DNS lookup, a WhoIs function and a trace route. There's also a Netstat feature that shows you who is connected to your computer. Very nice!

27 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser blocks pop-ups, has a built-in song lyric finder, and can automatically delete all of your Web history along with the cache, cookies, addresses and more. It can show you system resources, auto-refresh at a rate you specify, and if you use a dial-up connection it can automatically connect and disconnect for you. It can even keep your connection alive by simulating activity from your computer. It can look up words in the dictionaries of multiple languages, show you the weather and can even do screen captures. Really amazing.

27 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser provides an option called Private Surfing that lets you password protect your own private list of URLs. It can open new pages in tabs and you can close those tabs with nothing more than a right-click of the mouse. Cool. It has support for skins and you can change the text color, the background color and also configure the buttons. The program has the ability to fill in forms, open links in the background and reopen pages you've closed.

When it comes to Web browsers, there are a number you can choose from. If you use Windows you have a browser that comes with it, or you can elect to use an alternative. I think I've tried just about everything out there, and I really like Mozilla Firefox, by Mozilla Corporation. For the budget conscious, the program is FREE, and for the performance conscious the program is just about perfect. Why? Because it gives you exactly what you need. And it's fast!

Mozilla Firefox is loaded with all the features anyone needs for browsing the Web. It imports your bookmarks from Internet Explorer and makes it easy for you use them. One feature I thought was really cool is the ability to create your own toolbars. Yep, that's right -- just drag and drop. It also support things like AI Roboform by Siber Systems which is great for filling out forms online. And it has a full range of configurable options -- like saving passwords, keeping your history, and even viewing source that's color coded! How cool is that? Very!

Mozilla Firefox blocks popups, and is very secure. It even shows you when you're on a secure site by turning the address bar yellow. (At least it's yellow on my system). What I really like is that it's fast. It does everything you'd need it too, plus it has some nice extras. It's a lean, mean, browsing machine. It's got built-in Google search, and it's an RSS news reader. No extra software needed. I like it so much, I've made it my default Web browser. So, if you'd like to surf safer and faster, you owe it to yourself to try Mozilla Firefox! I recommend it highly! Version 1.5 has gotten even better than previous versions - tabbed browsing, automatic updates, stronger security and much more. Check it out!

Opera, by Opera Software,is what some people might call an "alternative" Web browser. That is to say, that it's an alternative to Internet Explorer and Netscape. It claims to be super-fast and from using it, I'd have to say they were right! And not only that, but it looks good. In case you haven't noticed, I'm a big fan of flexibility. I always have been, way back to the beginning. I've always felt that users should be able to configure options of a program to suit themselves. And that the program should be flexible enough to allow that. Well, Opera is the embodiment of that idea. It let me layout the Web browser like I wanted to! And what a joy that was. I'm so tired of (ahem) other people deciding how I should use their software on my computer! So, Opera was immediately on my good side. This version comes with Java, but there is a version of Opera that doesn't.

Opera is highly configurable. It can use the increasingly popular skins, so if you want a new look for awhile, it's easy to do. And there's a collection of skins on the Opera home page. The program has a cool feature called the "Wand" that will remember your logins to Web sites, or not, whatever you decide. If you like to have more than one window open at the same time, no problem. Want your toolbar on the left side? That's fine too. Opera also comes with a complete e-mail system that you can use right from the browser. You can maneuver using mouse gestures which I find very cool. It can keep track of your personal information for filling in forms, and at the same time it also provides you with a way to delete personal information, like the browsers history. There's just so much you can do. In fact, Opera is really so very flexible and configurable that I don't even have room to tell you about all the things you can do with it. But, I do realize that I'm going to have to buy this program!

Opera, by Opera Software ASA, is really all the author's claim about it, and a whole lot more. It's fast and I mean really fast. It's flexible in a way I've never seen a Web browser be before. It utilizes skins so you can change the look and it gives you countless configurable options. At the same time, it abides by all of standards. It takes up an amazingly small amount of disk space and that makes it perfect for your laptop too. There are even versions of Opera for you phone or PDA. After twenty years of evaluating software, I don't tend to get impressed very easily, but Opera is certainly impressive. So, not only is it a Dr. File Finder's Pick, it's also a Dr. File Finder Favorite! I've used lots of other alternative browsers, but this is a Web browser that YOU need to try. If you're going to surf the Web, surf it while riding the best, and this is it!

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