How to Organize Your Bookmarks

Get some ideas on how you can keep your Internet bookmarks organized.
Published: Mar 20, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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This question submitted by Melanie Anderson, Jose Trujillo, Marina Hoyer, Albert Trinton, Annette Floyd, and numerous others

The Internet is great, isn't it? It's like a monstrous library that just keeps growing. You can find information on just about anything. Do research on virtually any subject. In our house it's replaced the encyclopedia. We have a laptop that sits at the end of the dinning room table that we use to look things up on. Heck, I even gave it the comptuer name "Reference" so I'd know which computer it is on the network. And that's all it's used for ... finding things. Learning things. Researching things. Windows provides a great way to go back to sites you find useful. It's called the bookmark.

Bookmarks can be great way to "mark" your place and to find a site that you've found useful. Everyone is different - some bookmark many things and others bookmark very little. Personally I have very few bookmarks, probably less than 30. Most of the sites I visit are reached either through macros or I type them in from memory. At the same time, my wife Carol has many bookmarks. Hundreds, perhaps thousands. And they cover a wide range of subjects and interests. The problem with too many bookmarks is that it gets harder and harder to find the one you want. So, time to organize!

When you click on "Add Bookmark" it automatically adds the bookmark to the default bookmark folder. By the time you've added 50 or 60 bookmarks, that bookmark tab is going to go over halfway down your screen. So, my advice is to think ahead. Select the option to "manage" your bookmarks. If you have a lot of interests, create a folder for each topic. So, for example you could have folders for boating, camping, astrology, crafting, quilting, conferences, computer-related, school projects, and many more.

By creating folders first you have a place to put bookmarks as you add them. Looking at a new tent? Bookmark that page and save it in the "camping" folder. Every Web browser gives you the option of saving a bookmark in a specific folder, so use it! Then when you're on the Internet you can go to a specific topic and utlized the saved bookmarks you have there. Add news ones or remove some. It's much easier to save your bookmarks into topic folders as you go along.

Another alternative is to use a software program that's designed from the ground up just for managing bookmarks. I've looked at a number of them and one of my favorites is Bookmark Buddy by Edward Leigh. I've included links to that one and some others down below. Regardless of which option you pick, or which program you use, it's best to organize your bookmarks before they get out-of-hand.

I'd like to thank Melanie Anderson, Jose Trujillo, Marina Hoyer, Albert Trinton, Annette Floyd and numerous others for asking this question.

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