Stacy's Weekly Mashup: netOffice, Central Desktop, Writeboard, TWiki, Clipmarks

This is a list of ten Web 2.0 tools that help people collaborate and manage information online.
Published: Mar 15, 2006
Author: Stacy Reed

This is a list of ten Web 2.0 tools that help people collaborate and manage information online.

  • netOffice - netOffice allows managing and sharing information about teams, projects, tasks, deadlines and much more.
  • thinkfree - A free suite of applications that mirror the capabilities of Microsoft Office.
  • Central Desktop - A web-based collaboration tool for business teams to manage projects, share information and communicate with others.
  • Writeboard - Write, share, revise, compare.
  • Rallypoint - Create, organize and share your company's most valuable asset, it's knowledge.
  • Strongspace - A secure place to gather, store, back-up and share any type of file with your co-workers, friends and family.
  • TWiki - It is a Structured Wiki, typically used to run a project development space, a document management system, a knowledge base, or any other groupware tool, on an intranet or on the Internet.
  • SubEthaEdit - Collaborative text editing. Universally.
  • SynchroEdit - It allows multiple users to edit a single web-based document at the same time, and it continuously synchronizes all changes so that users always have the same version.
  • clipmarks - When you're on the web and you find something you want to keep or share... clip it!

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