Lifeboat can save your data when nothing else can. It's one of our "Must Have Applications" and today it's in the Spotlight.
Published: Mar 28, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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In The Spotlight: Lifeboat

by Judi Wilson of Tugboat Enterprises

Lifeboat is the ideal data recovery program when your software fails. Lifeboat is fast: Within minutes you can access your dead or dying computer, rescue your data files, and are back to work.

Lifeboat is easy-to-use: You don't have to be a "power user" or technician. Lifeboat is safe to use: Lifeboat lets you copy your files from your "dead" computer to a working one. Lifeboat is small: it uses only 32 MB of RAM and 16 colours for minimal strain on an unstable computer.

What does Lifeboat do?

Lifeboat rescues data after a computer�s software has crashed. It reduces user downtime and provides effective data retrieval. This innovative software makes the failed computer files immediately accessible to other computers on the network, and is compatible with all PC systems, including Windows.


Lifeboat is useful for file transfer in a computer upgrade. It can move large amounts of data to the new unit. Lifeboat identifies internal components on the crashed computer�s system so additional drivers can be installed and obtained as needed. The Lifeboat Data rescue System contains a bootable CD for immediate repair work. The files on the dead computer are available with minutes of Lifeboat's use.

Lifeboat is great value.

How much are your data files worth? How much value is in your documents, pictures, songs, and videos? It can cost up to twenty times the price of Lifeboat to have professional file retrieval when your computer crashes. Of course it�s worth it, but why pay more?

Lifeboat is flexible.

It doesn't matter how old, or new your computer is. Pentium or higher will work on almost all PC operating systems. It doesn't matter how much or what kind of data files you have.

Lifeboat is simple to use.

Lifeboat operates in three steps. First, boot your crashed computer to the Lifeboat CD. Second, select your workgroup (if you are on a basic network, this is really simple!). Third, move to the rescue computer and copy your files over the network. You don't need to open your computer's case and remove the hard drive, so there is no risk of voiding manufacturer's warranty.

System Requirements

Intel compatible PC (486 or better), 16 MB RAM, CD drive, Network connection to a second computer, CD burner, floppy drive (if CD drive not bootable); works on all versions of Windows including 95, 98, 98SE and Me, 2000, XP Home and XP Professional.


Lifeboat turns your computer into a File Server and makes its data immediately accessible to other computers on the Network. Lifeboat is not based on the Windows Operating System so it is not subject to the same vulnerabilities as Windows. For example, it�s immune to viruses. It�s an inexpensive, simple, safe, effective way to retrieve or transfer files from your old or crashed computer to a new system.

About the Author...

Tugboat Enterprises is a software development company specializing in innovative utilities and programs in data recovery and data management in the PC and laptop market. Tugboat derives its name from the original software platform developed by Tugboat Enterprises� programmers. This platform is the base on which the software programs are built. The Tugboat is the workhorse of the maritime highway. It is a powerful vessel that tows large loads and pulls barges or disabled ships to safe ports. The unique platform of Tugboat Enterprises� software is the new workhorse of data management, pulling files to data ports. Upcoming programs include Nauticus, for offsite data storage, Jolly Roger Neutron, for data destruction, Safe Anchor, the multiple-unit version of Lifeboat, Shipwrigplatform available by license to software publishers.

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