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Published: Apr 30, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Ozum All-in-One Newsreader 6.08
Download Ozum lets you preview and listen to individual parts of multi-part audio and video files...
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Ozum, by Oz Insight Pty Ltd is a cool newsgroup reader that was also one of my Quick Picks awhile back. This product has so many cool features and functions that I can't possibly cover them all here, but I will try to cover some of the high points. Most newsgroup readers do okay with text, but they don't tend to do well if media is involved. Trying doing things with audio, video, or graphics and some newsgroup readers will choke. Not Ozum! It was built to do newsgroups and do a great job working with media as well. One very slick feature is a built-in "cross group" search capability that will find what you're looking for if it's available. Put what you're looking for in the search interface and Ozum snags it for you.Impressive!

Ozum is an extremely powerful program for dealing with newsgroups. I've evaluated just about every newsgroup reader out there and none of them have the multi-media functions I found in Ozum. One unbelievable feature is the ability to actually preview just a part of any multiple part audio or video clips. The program can handle a huge range of file formats including, MP3, MPG, MPEG, AVI, ASF, WAV, and more. And what's possibly more impressive is that it automatically pulls in the files and decompresses them regardless of format. It can even unpack RAR format files and allows you to "look" inside them.

Ozum might almost sound like it's too complicated for new users, but that's not true at all. I found the program to be extremely easy-to-use and intuitive. I think it's perfect for both new and experienced users. In my opinion if you want to frequent the binary Usenet group, Ozum is a must have! It's one of those programs that have a lot of power "under the hood." The ability to "preview" digital content can be a huge time-saver allowing you to decide if you want to spend the time downloading 15 parts of some audio file. And if you do decide to download all the parts of a multi-part file, the program actually puts the parts together for you.

Some of the power of Ozum comes from the fact that it's a true multithreaded application. What does that mean? Well, to put it simply, multithreading means the operating system can run unique parts of a program, known as threads, at the same time. Because Ozum utilizes this function, you can be grabbing information from multiple newsgroups, looking at stuff you've already grabbed, and do it all at the same time. The only real limitation is the amount of memory you have on your computer and any limitations enforced by the news server.

Ozum, as you can see, is loaded with cool features that aren't found in other newsgroup readers. You can even have it check newsgroups for you on a schedule that you set up. Have it go out and search newsgroups once a day or 6 times a day, it's up to you. Ozum is a program that you have to try for yourself to really appreciate all it can do. It's loaded with things that make it unique among newsreaders in my opinion. And for that reason, it's not only just a Pick, but I'm also making it a Dr. File Finder Favorite and those are few and far between. So, if you want a newsgroup reader that is easy-to-use and powerful, take the time to check this program out. I recommend it!

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