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Find duplicate files and much more using Space Hound!
Published: Apr 25, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Space Hound 32 4
Download This program finds duplicate, obsolete and unused files on your hard drive.
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In The Spotlight: Space Hound

by Al Meadows of Fineware

Space Hound 4 is a comprehensive set of search tools for finding files that meet a number of available options. This includes embedded text searching and optionally, you can include searching of compressed files.

The program also includes a number of informational displays that can be used to retrieve system and drive information.

Many of the tools described below use a set of user defined search criteria to limit the number of returned files to only those that you want to know about.

Space Hound 4 is much more than just a Duplicate File Finder. It includes a full range of file, drive, and system functions. A great tool for home, office, or network management! Features include:

    Find Duplicate files - 5 distinct methods to support your specific needs
  • Tools that allow drive and folder based duplicate file deletion rapidly as well as a tool that eliminates all but the most current copy of the file.
  • Smart detection of files that shouldn't be deleted because they are required by other programs or the operating system. Also, files selected for deletion remain in a Pending Deletes List which persists between uses of the program.
  • A folder synchronization tool that allows synchronization down to the content level of files within a matched pair of folders.
  • Numerous file viewers including tree-view layouts of XML and INI files
  • A large compliment of image viewers with build-in tools to convert between image formats.
  • Many additional file displays including hex format, Microsoft Office document properties, multimedia file players, in-depth extraction of DLL and program attributes.
  • A number of useful system functions such as identifying Protected files, identifying Special Folders, etc.
  • Exports of reports to Microsoft Access Databases, Excel Spreadsheets, XML, and other text formats.

All this and much more in Space Hound 4. One major improvement in this release of Space Hound is the ability to quickly eliminate many duplicate files using the new Duplicate File Tools (by drive, by folder, by age).

Space Hound 4 includes safety features by checking for dependencies by other programs and operating system files. Lastly, you have many options for disposing of files that you want to remove besides deleting them such as sending them to other drives/folders or sending them to compressed folders.

You can export customized file list to Access Databases, Excel, XML, Text, etc.The program is highly customizable allowing you to ignore folders, create desktop shortcuts to favorite reports, and customize the interface.

Visit our web site at http://www.fineware.com for in-depth detail as well as a growing list of online tutorials that illustrate the programs functions.

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Fineware Systems entered the software business in May, 1994. Their facilities are located in Burlington, North Carolina. The company develops software applications and utilities. Custom programming and consultation services also available.

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