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LogMeIn is a browser-based service that allows users to remotely access a number of home or work PCs anywhere they may be through an Internet connection.
Published: Apr 23, 2006
Author: Stacy Reed
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Download LogMeIn Free includes: access from any Internet-connected Web browser; access to a Windows...

LogMeIn by LogMeIn, Inc.

LogMeIn is a service that allows users to remotely access a number of home or work PCs anywhere they may be through an Internet connection. Users can access their computers remotely, even from Linux machines, Macs, and PocketPC devices. LogMeIn is browser-based and I was able to successfully test the program with both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Because the program is browser-based I can access the Target PC while seamlessly interacting with the PC I'm using to remotely connect.

I'm particularly impressed with the speed, because even when it is running on high color quality settings, the movements are natural and fluid. Everything from setup to operation is geared toward ease of use. This program is very simple to implement and use. The Developers at LogMeIn back it all up with excellent customer support that can be found online and with coherent and informative help files. They also offer forums, a FAQ and a Getting Started guide.

There are a number of reasons why I have switched to LogMeIn and why I feel it is a must-have application, the first being that it is very secure. I can opt to be prompted to enter a one-time security code every time I log into the LogMeIn service to access a target PC. Since the password can only be used once, it helps prevent any unauthorized remote access just in case someone stumbles upon a used password or security code. I can view the remote computer desktop in full screen or resize the browser window it's running in. A pop-up window appears in the corner letting me know when my computer is being accessed remotely. Likewise, the program gives me a warning if there are users connected remotely before I disable the service on the target PC. Additionally, LogMeIn is compatible with all known firewalls and broadband routers. Because these features exist, I recommend this application to anyone who is looking for a remote admin service whether it be for remote tech support purposes, or just to access your home PC from the office. I even use it to access a computer on my local network that does not have a monitor hooked up to it.

I have tried both LogMeIn Free and LogMeIn Pro, and I must admit, the Pro version is an exceptional value. With LogMeIn Pro, transferring and synchronizing files from one computer to another is a breeze. LogMeIn Pro also has a Guest Invite feature that lets me invite a trusted friend or colleague to remotely view or control my Local PC's desktop. The chat feature is an exceptionally helpful tool for diagnostic support. To top it all off, the pro version also offers Target-to-Local Printing which gives the user the ability to print a document on the target PC that will actually be printed on the local printer without the need for installing additional drivers. The program also features IP filtering, and IP address lockout for added security. What's not to love about this application?

I'm going to continue using this service. I'm hooked. Try it for free, and see if you like it as much as I do!

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