Tucows Opens Up Pre-registrations for .name

Toronto, Canada ‚Äì November 7, 2001 ‚Äì Tucows Inc. (OTCBB: TCOW ), a leading provider of wholesale domain name registrations, announced today that it will begin taking pre-registrations on Wednesday, November 7, 2001, for .NAME, the world’s only global generic top-level domain (gTLD) exclusively for personal name registrations. The registry is offering both personal domain name registrations and personalized e-mail forwarding. This should significantly increase the accessibility of personal names for registration by individuals. Tucows’ pre-registration period allows individuals to submit requests for domain names more than four months in advance of the formal registration period that begins March 2002. Participation in the pre-registration process does not guarantee successful registration of a domain name. Pre-registrations will be subject to random selection.

“The launch of .NAME demonstrates the continuing evolution of domain names into a flexible, mainstream product,” says Elliott Noss, President and CEO, Tucows Inc. “Clearly the industry is addressing the needs of registrants by offering more choice and more customized options.”

.NAME is operated by London-based Global Name Registry Ltd., and is the third of the seven new gTLDs approved by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to offer alternatives to the .com, .net and .org name spaces. The launch of .NAME follows that of .INFO, which went live on
October 1, 2001, and .BIZ which is scheduled to go live November 7, 2001.

“.NAME represents the third new registry that will become operational in a very short period of time,” continues Noss. “Each registry has its own policies, product lines and technical configurations, increasing the complexity of the registration process across multiple TLDs. Tucows’ unique OpenSRS platform offers our resellers one simple, streamlined interface to multiple systems. Our job is to help our resellers offer choice to their customers without having to undertake increased expense and technical complexity.‚Äù

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