Taking Measures to Stop Spammers

One of our readers left us this comment last week:

“I’d be interested to know what (if any) measures you have in place to stop spammers registering their domains in the first place and/or detect spam registrations after the event.”

As your intrepid reporter, I spoke with Garrick Lau, who is driving forward several Abuse initiatives here at Tucows. Here is what I learned about how we’re stopping spammers:

Tucows has a dedicated Abuse team that monitors system logs, and abuse related activity across the our services. The Abuse team will actively disable offending spammers based on evidence found in system logs as well as complaints reported to our Customer Service team. At this time, this process is manual rather than automated.

We realize spamming and phishing are big problems. We’re in the early stages on projects to put more controls in place for automating our policy enforcement and monitoring across all our services.

Tucows is also involved in industry standards groups like MAAWG
(Messaging Anti- Abuse Working Group) to learn what others in the industry are doing to control spam and related abuse and so we can share our own experiences.

To report a spamming or phishing domain to us, please send complete evidence of the offending domain and the content of the spam message with full headers to abuse@abuse.tucows.com.

2 thoughts on “Taking Measures to Stop Spammers

  1. Anonymous

    You yourself can not stop spammers, however contacting their clients will work. Hit there pocket book that is how you stop them. Contact any place they send you too and provide them with the email and headder. Request they have their spammer stop send to you. Do not use the unscribe feature this only cause more emial.

  2. Derek

    This is a great initiative and needs to be commended.

    I would suggest definition of abuse be looked at as well to include additional scam websites. These sites would be fake escrow websites, fake bank websites used for in 419 scams(advance fee fraud), fake attorney websites also used in 419 scams etc, money mule scams etc.

    The websites as often paid for with stolen credit cards, pre-paid debit cards.

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