Introducing the next generation of the Tucows Email Service

[Updated May 24th, 2007: We've included a link to a larger version of the screencast.]

Today is a big day. We’re thrilled to announce the next evolution of our Tucows Email Service.

Building on our experience providing millions and millions of mailboxes to service providers around the globe, we’ve made a number of innovations in this latest version that have resulted in a truly outstanding hosted email service.

The first is our back-end technology that has been designed to provide rock-solid reliability, the ability to grow to meet demand from our customers and their end-users, and for easy integrations.  You can read about ‚Äúwhat‚Äôs under the hood‚Äù of our email service in an earlier post by Joey.

And of course, we’ve built our service from the ground up to meet the needs of service providers. It includes a web-based branding tool so a service provider can take our completely white-labeled service and make it his own. It also has additional tools for our Tier II Support team, meaning speedier resolutions, often at first call.

Our most significant development is in our new web mail interface (POP and IMAP are available too.) By working with Nitido, we have developed a web mail interface that competes with the leading free web mail providers.

I believe showing is better than telling, so we did a short screencast to introduce you to our new webmail. A small version appears below, and you can click here to see a larger version [QuickTime required].

You can read more about the new Tucows Email Service over on our site.

If you‚Äôre an existing customer, please log into the RRC or RWI  to gain access to our Test environment where you can evaluate the service. If you‚Äôre a new customer please contact our Sales team.

We believe service providers have a unique opportunity to offer our web mail to their customers. When matched with Tier I customer support it becomes a retention tool, not just an after-thought when bundling services.

We all know email is a highly-“sticky” service. Thinking about my own email usage, I have an ISP that I have used since university for my personal email (yes of course, they are a Tucows reseller ☺), I also have a handful of free web mail accounts that I use for personal email, subscriptions, and while traveling and away from my home and work computers.

Until the advent of next-generation AJAX-based web mail I always pop’d my email through Outlook or another local mail client. For me, regular use of web mail wasn’t an option. It was too clunky and slow and didn’t give me the features I needed to manage my personal information.

Of course that’s all changed. And I think Service Providers have an opportunity to use competitive web mail as a value-added service.

It seems like a no brainer to me. Service Providers are running email anyway, and by offering a competitive web mail experience, you can reduce your support costs by not having to explain POP or IMAP setups for every individual. You can just set them up, point them to the web and be there to support them if they have any issues.

The numbers show web mail use is on the rise. According to Charlene Li of Forrester, the number of users who use web mail once a week is up 4% from 27% to 31% in just one year. That’s a big jump, and I think we can attribute that to the increased use of the free web mail services.

As web hosting companies and ISPs look to retain customers, offering competitive value-added services like our web mail is a an opportunity to leverage leading-edge technology without making the upfront investment in development and ongoing investment in running an email system.

So, check it out, we're pretty excited, and we hope you like it!

10 thoughts on “Introducing the next generation of the Tucows Email Service

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the kind words! Chinese is certainly on the list of languages we want to support in time, we've prioritized the list based on popularity with our other email platforms to start off with.

  2. Anonymous

    We're working on calendar integration next actually! Not sure of a timeframe yet, but it's top on our list!

  3. Anonymous

    Thx Kim.
    I saw on the demo of how they have integrated their calander into their webmail. Looks great and with some great fuctionalities

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  5. Paul

    I’m already a tucows reseller and have applied for the email service several times, but it still hasn’t been added to me account. Is it actually ready for release yet?

  6. Rajeev

    I too am a Tucows reseller but till date it is not clear if a)this is different from currently hosted email b)Is is just the webmail interface c)How are the accounts going to be provisioned d)What is the pricing e)How does it relate to current email defense (email defense appear to be non-functionsl at this time)

  7. Kim Phelan

    Hi guys. There is some confusion, let me see if I can sort it out.
    **We currently have 3 email systems:
    1- Tucows Email Service- this is the new one–it’s a brand new system, that has been built from the ground up, with our learnings from the other 2 systems. It has a swanky webmail front end, and supports IMAP, POP on the backend. It’s management interface is at, it’s live and working, so if you need to be setup, or you need help, contact support, they’ll sort out what’s going on.
    2- Hosted Email- this is the system that we bought from Critical Path, it’s found at
    3- The original Tucows email service, which is managed through the RWI- it’s communigate pro on the backend.
    **How are accounts provisioned?- you do the provisioning through the admin interface at, migrations from your existing system is different, and you will be receiving data about this shortly (in the next day or so)
    **How does it relate to the current email defense?- this system includes email defense. The current email defense system is working, but without a quarantine, we’ll be announcing the return of the quaratine plans/timelines shortly.

  8. Rachel

    We use SSL with our Email for both incoming and outgoing mail. Will this still be available with Tucows New Email Service?

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