Tucows Acquires ItsYourDomain.com

We're pleased to announce today that Tucows has acquired ItsYourDomain.com (IYD). We've pulled together all the details here for you, including a news release and FAQ.

About the Acquisition:

IYD Acquisition FAQ

Here are answers to the more common questions surrounding the acquisition:

Q. Who is IYD?
A. ItsYourDomain is a privately held, top-25, profitable ICANN-accredited registrar offering domain services through an affiliate network.

Q. How does the IYD system work?
A. IYD uses a model that provides a “reseller in a box” or readymade storefront solution to its network of affiliates around the world. The company has traditionally catered to the small to mid-sized reseller as opposed to larger hosting companies and Internet Service Providers.

Q. Why is Tucows buying IYD?
A. Tucows is always looking for ways to build and increase relationships with service providers. This transaction brings Tucows a wealth of those customer relationships.

Q. How will Tucows benefit from this transaction?
A. Tucows expects to add approximately US$7 million in yearly revenue and between US$1 and $2 million in adjusted net income in the first 12 months.

Q. Will Tucows begin offer any of IYD's services to its wholesale customers?
A. Tucows will evaluate the services and technology currently used by IYD and is always looking for ways to enhance the services we offer our customers.

Q. When was the IYD acquisition completed?
A. The IYD acquisition was completed on July 27, 2007.

Q. What are the financial implications of the transaction for Tucows?
A. Tucows will pay US$10.35 million for IYD with the opportunity for IYD to realize an additional US$1.05 million based on specific targets being met.

Q. Is this a change in Tucows’ business strategy?
A. No. The addition of IYD fits within the current Tucows strategy of offering a full range of competitive wholesale domain registration and email services to its customers.

Q. Will Tucows add any employees or facilities as a result of this transaction?
A. No. Current key IYD staff will remain available to Tucows throughout a transition period, but no current IYD employees will be joining Tucows.

Q. Is Tucows planning any additional acquisitions?
A. Tucows is always looking for opportunities, especially those that can expand the number of its customer relationships.

2 thoughts on “Tucows Acquires ItsYourDomain.com

  1. Eric Sparre

    We are medium sized former IYD reseller (1500+ domains in last couple of years). We are very unhappy right now. There are tech issues and complete lack of support since the acquisition. Prior to the merger, we had decided to proceed with goDaddy, this will accelerate our move.

  2. Joseph

    Does Tucows intend to maintain the IYD platform?

    Or will Tucows migrate current IYD clients to the Tucows platform?

    Will it affect pricing for current IYD clients?

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