The New Tucows Content Site

Screenshot of the new Tucows site.

It has been a long effort, but we are finally ready with the first phase of the new This re-launch is a significant change for Tucows.

For almost 15 years we have been one of the top software download sites on the Internet, essentially providing software based solutions to common problems. This new site makes “Solutions” more prominent. We now feature informative editorial solutions to help you use the Internet and technology better. Some of these solutions may involve software that you can download, some may just be better ways of getting things done with the software and technology you already have.

Previously, Tucows relied on its team of software reviewers to rate and review software in house. While we still continue to rate and review internally, we now invite the public to contribute as well. We invite you to add your comments to any solution or software listing on site, as well as submit your own solutions.

I’m really excited about this first phase of our reinvention. I think you’ll find the new design much cleaner and easier to navigate as well as more informative than ever. Over the coming weeks, you will see many more new features added that will make things even better.

Squishy cows on a computer monitor.

We’ve recorded a screencast in which I highlight some of’s new features — click here to view it.

One thought on “The New Tucows Content Site

  1. DRD

    Anyone else thinks the new site looks like you’ve enter the wrong address and stumbled into a spam site?

    I had to check it a few times, like when you accident type in Instead of

    Plus, it’s impossible to use. I miss the stuff that made tucows great. Ease of use, simplicity and trustworthiness. What happened?

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