Elliot Noss and Amber Mac Talk About the New Tucows.com Site

Elliot Noss and Amber Macarthur talking about the new Tucows.com site on CP24’s “Homepage” show

Homepage is a show on CP24, Toronto’s 24-hour news channel, that covers stories about computers, high tech and the internet. It’s hosted by Amber Macarthur (often known to us in Toronto as “Amber Mac”), CityTV’s technology story anchor, former co-host of G4TechTV’s Call for Help and co-host of the CommandN podcast.

Our CEO Elliot Noss appeared on the show a couple of weeks ago to talk to Amber about the Tucows.com site. Topics covered include:

  • The site’s revised look and change in focus from software downloads to solutions and how to get things done using your computer and the internet
  • The community approach: readers of the site can sign up and contribute their own articles and solutions
  • The solutions on the site: sometimes it’s software, sometimes it’s a service offered over the web, sometimes it’s something built into your operating system and sometimes it’s a procedure you can follow.
  • How software downloads from Tucows have been scanned for viruses and our strict adware policies

We’ve got that segment (it’s 6 minutes, 36 seconds in length), and you can watch it in the window below or at full size on its Google Video page.

Video duration: 6 minutes, 36 seconds

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