Squishycows in the wild


Photo by Sarah McGee. For more of Sarah’s photos visit her Flickr photostream. Thanks, Sarah!

With a company name like Tucows, you really can’t escape cows ‚Äì from black and white cowskin lettering on our software download site back in the early days, to giving away a live cow at a trade show (seriously, it happened), to squishycows, we’ve certainly embraced our bovine heritage.

The humble squishycow has become quite popular of late. We give out hundreds and hundreds of them, complete with a little tag asking that the new owner take some photos and post them on the photo sharing website Flickr with the tag “squishycow“. Last time we checked, there were over 500 photos of our squishy friend.

Squishycow drinks coffee and had a run-in with a sheep. She’s gone swimming, taken a flight, seen a NASCAR race and gone to the beach. She’s visited Paris, London and Niagara Falls. Squishycow has learned to program and got an iPhone.

Thanks to all who take the time to make some really beautiful images featuring the squishycow. We’re going to start featuring some of the best of the pictures on the blog over the next little while. To have your photo considered, simply add it to our Flickr group “Squishycows in the wild

4 thoughts on “Squishycows in the wild

  1. Leona Hobbs

    Hi Erik – Still waiting for a cow? That’s no good. Someone from our marketing team will contact you today to get your details so we can send one out to you.

  2. Leona Hobbs

    @ erik – Still waiting?! That’s no good. Someone from our marketing team will be in touch with you directly to get your shipping information. We’ll get your squishycow in the mail ASAP.

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