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icann_meeting_logo.pngThe Internet co-operated this morning and I was able to get a Skype call going between Toronto and New Delhi, India where Adam Eisner, our Product Manager, Domains, has been participating in the 31st ICANN General Meeting. Adam and I had a brief chat about what’s been going on at the meeting this week including a bit about the experience of being in New Delhi.

Adam has promised a more extensive report on what happened at ICANN once he gets back. Expect that sometime next week.

To listen, either use the embedded player, or you can download an MP3 version.


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  1. James Koole


    Thanks for the feedback – we had a user here with the same problem. I’ve since uploaded a version encoded at a different bitrate that hopefully solves the chipmunk issue. You may need to refresh to get the new file.

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