Why You and Lowfat Lattes are Google’s Worst Nightmare

ISPCON Spring 2008 is underway in Chicago. This morning, Elliot Noss, CEO and President, Tucows, took to the stage to deliver his keynote address titled, “Why You and Lowfat Lattes are Google’s Worst Nightmare.”

David Snead from TheWHIR has a nice summary of what Elliot talked about today.

Snead writes, “What Elliot talked about, that strikes me as true, based on those of my clients who are successful, is that successful Internet businesses are high touch, and that people will pay to have their problems go away.”

For the benefit of those not in Chicago for ISPCON, or for those at the show who want to have another listen, we recorded the keynote it in its entirety.

If the player doesn’t work for you for whatever reason, or if you want to listen on your MP3 player, you can download an audio-only version instead.

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