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Help Save MySQLOne of our core values at Tucows is that the Internet is the greatest agent for positive change the world has ever seen. And we strongly believe that open source tools are central to the continued growth and health of the Internet.

You may have heard that Oracle has acquired Sun, and along with it, MySQL, which is is a central building block in the suite of open source tools.

While MySQL holds that position in the world of open source software, it is not important to the Oracle acquisition of Sun. In fact, all of the most important reasons for Oracle doing the acquisition would still be in place if Sun had no role whatsoever with MySQL.

The “cost” to Oracle of freeing MySQL is very low. The benefit to the world is extremely high.

With that in mind, please consider lending your support to the campaign. We’ve added our support by signing the petition. The Save MySQL website has lots of information about why the community feels that MySQL is important, and what you can do to ensure it stays open and freely available to the entire Internet community.

One thought on “Help Save MySQL

  1. rr

    Hi Eliott,

    I respect your views, but in this case i believe that you have been
    swayed by the shepherd boy who cried wolf.
    Your view reflects a shallow understanding of the issues involved.

    If you look at the issues in oracle-sun-mysql deeply (as I have),
    you will find that this ‘save mysql’ campaign is a self-serving
    campaign by its originators.

    You can google further details on this if you like:
    1) google eben moglen
    2) google carlo piana
    3) look at groklaw and its threads on this issue
    4) research Monty Widenius’ motivations


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