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December 10 LuxCal Web Based Event Calendar SQLite
LuxCal is an innovative web based event calendar for home use and small businesses.
December 9 Etherape
Etherape is an etherman, interman and tcpman clone.
December 8 ALOV Map
ALOV Map is a portable Java application for publication of vector and raster maps to the...
December 7 Axel
Axel is a small but full-featured downloader/download accelerator.
December 6 Personal Data Security (PDS2)
PDS encrypts your data using AES-256 ciphers on Linux, Mac and Windows, writing to both...
December 5 BISON
Many programs use the GNU Parser Generator as part of their build process.
December 4 KEduca
KEduca makes it easy to create your own computer-based tests.
December 3 Anjuta
Anjuta features several advanced programming tools and utilities, such as project...
December 2 Saint Scanner
This network vulnerability assessment scanner takes a preventative approach to securing...
December 1 Chromium 64-bit
Chromium is an open-source browser project that provides a safer, faster, and more stable...
Open Source
November 30 Acrobat Reader
This program allows you to view, navigate and print PDF files.
November 29 Ardour
Ardour is a digital audio workstation. You can use it to record, edit and mix multi-track...
November 28 ktouch
KTouch is a touch-typing tutor with levels and support for different keyboard languages.
November 27 PortMan
Software for RIA's/ Investment Managers. Import data from custodians (like Ameritrade...
November 26 kturtle
This is a simple fractal generator for Koch-like fractals.
November 25 Kiconedit
The Kiconedit is designed to help create icons for KDE using the standard icon palette.
November 24 klogic
Klogic is a KDE circuit simulator. It can be used for building and simulating digital...
November 23 PVM
Parallel Virtual Machine is a portable message-passing programming system designed to link...
November 22 USB View
USB View is a gtk+ program that displays the topography of the devices that are plugged...
November 21 PacketAlarm
This program combines intrusion detection and prevention, a multi-inspection firewall and...
November 20 VLC for Linux (VideoLAN)
VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video...
November 19 SocialNetwork like Facebook website
Including Plugins: Audio / Video Chat, Video, Music, Polls, Employment, Events, GMap,...
November 18 Mikogo (Linux Version)
Mikogo is a free screen sharing solution that allows you to share any screen content in...
November 17 Online Calendar Event Scheduler
This is no longer available
November 16 Another Easy Editor
This is an easy-to-use text editor that is intended to be usable with little or no...
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