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April 20 KSendFax
KSendFax is an interface to known FAX-Packages like HylaFax, E-Fax and mgetty+sendfax.
April 19 KOffice
This powerful office suite integrates into KDE 2.0.
April 18 kmplot
kmplot is a mathematical function plotter for KDE. It has a powerful built-in parser.
April 17 XSane
XSane is a GTK-based X-11 front end for SANE. It works as either a stand-alone program or...
April 16 Ntama
The program plays two variants of checkers -- Dama (Ntama) or Turkish Draughts.
April 15 Chromium 32-bit
Chromium is an open-source browser project that provides a safer, faster, and more stable...
Open Source
April 14 Pronto
Pronto is a full-featured mail client written in Perl and GTK+.
April 13 Verbose Text to Speech Software
This professional text to speech application is designed to assist in listening to text.
April 12 Xmcd
Xmcd is a full-featured CD Player utility package that includes:xmcd A CD Player for the X...
April 11 Xmms
This multimedia player looks like Winamp. Currently, it plays MPEG layers 1, 2 and 3,...
April 10 Samba
Samba is a suite of programs that work together to allow clients to access a server's file...
April 9 Shutter
Shutter is a feature-rich screenshot program. You can take a screenshot of a specific...
Open Source
April 8 GMP
GMP operates on signed integers, rational numbers and floating point numbers.
April 7 Xeoma Video Surveillance Software for Linux
Get complete video surveillance solution with construction-set principle and unlimited...
April 6 Wine
Think of Wine as a compatibility layer for running Windows programs.
April 5 imp3sh
This application has great features like full playlist control, support for many standard...
April 4 eFax
This program is designed to send, receive, print and view faxes using any fax modem.
April 3 HylaFAX
HylaFAX supports the ability to send and receive facsimiles.
April 2 textutils
The textutils package resembles the GNU text file processing utilities.
April 1 dcd
Dave's CD player is a very simple command line CD player.
March 31 Kino
This captures video to disk in RawDV and AVI format, in both type-1 DV and type-2 DV...
March 30 PBXPress Live CD Demo
PBXpress is a modern-day replacement for traditional PBX systems.
March 29 Libpcap
This is a packet-capture library.
March 28 kappradio
This application is for WinTV/Rad and other TV cards that work under the KDE2 desktop.
March 27 Ogg Vorbis
Ogg Vorbis is a general purpose compressed format for high-quality audio.