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Cok Auto Clicker 1.0

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Cok Free Auto Clicker is actually an important freely available software which utilized in pressing computer mouse button auto-magically and continually, it could possibly simulate either left mouse click and right mouse click.

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98 / XP
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You should only require to arranged an intervals of repetitive click and tap your current set hotkey, it lets you do simply click immediately and steadily, and it's going to give up this affair anytime you tap the hotkey again. Cok Free Auto Clicker is simple for using, You will get to make use of it after only 1 minute. Guidelines for Cok Free Auto Clicker 1. Fix model click: left side click or right mouse click; 2. Define a period of time interval of click; 3. Fix start&end hotkey, default is Ctrl + D, you can change it to any value that you really need. 4. Set auto run with windows startup. If you decide to tick this selection on, application will launch without delay any time machine start up. 5. Define auto hide to tray icon. Once this software start up, it is going to minimize to tray icon instantly. Advantages from Cok Free Auto Clicker Although Cok free auto clicker is provided for free program, all of us strived for high quality while manufactured the application. Compare with a numbers of various other software that comparable to ours, It offers a lot of superb features as follow: 1. All set properties will be stored. Variety of mouse click, period interval and hotkey for which you set can come to be saved fully, when you operate this software the next time, it will use the details that being used last time. Many different top program do not own this attribute, cause it to rather troublesome and time-wasting to put parameter again. 2. It could automatic start up while computer system turn on. Auto click software is a inevitably additional program, it can be rather undesirable if the software can't auto start up. If you don't require it start automatically, it can specify this software not to auto start up also. Cok Free Auto Clicker are able to minimise to tray icon. Once we run quite a bit applications on laptop or computer or we want the minimized software visible on the desktop, they can help to make you and me unclear. Using the option of minimizing with tray, we're able to make use of and other program with no trouble. When we need it ,we are able to just use the hotkey to start it.