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e.guardo Smart Defender 1.0.12

file size: 17.53 MB

e.guardo is the first smart protection application for DMZ or Internet facing computers.

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Trial Period:
30 Days
7 / Vista / 2008 Server / 2012 Server / 8

Protects from Brute Force, DDoS and Spoof Attacks. DMZ/Internet facing computers are always in risk of intrusion. e.guardo protects many services including Remote Desktop Protection, IIS and MS FTP against these threats by analysing system logs and system health. Try it for your self and see what it blocks till the end of the day. e.guardo simply listens Windows log files or flexible net-flow data from Cisco to analyze network traffic and based on the given credentials, e.guardo blocks offenders using native Windows Firewall or through your gateway. e.guardo also checks it's comprehensive global black list through the fingerprint analysis. If previously blocked offensive is located in the global black list, the offensive will be automatically blocked. Global Black List is gathered from thousands of e.guardo installations and web sites using e.guardo API worldwide. The fingerprints are analysed and based on certain rules they are added to e.guardo black list. Currently more than 100 thousand IP addresses are in the black list.