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Roboscan Internet Security Free (32-bit) 2.5

file size: 138.13 MB

For 17 years, our company has provided the latest technology to provide software solutions.

Roboscan is one of our greatest works. Roboscans optimizing dual engine offers better detection than single-engine products, but less resource usage than other dual engine products. Real-time emergency response, proactive detection and various security utilities not only detect the current malware, but also prevents possible threats by its rule based method. We believe users should not have to compromise their productivity because of slow, resource-heavy security products. For this reason we developed Roboscan to use minimum PC resources by utilizing unique Smart Scan technology. Our dedicated researchers and analysts ensure that Roboscans booting time, memory, and CPU usage will continue reducing with future updates, in order to provide you with a better user experience. Why choose Roboscan products? Roboscans Dual Engine, composed of the ALYac Tera Engine and BitDefender Engine, has been recognized as one of the best security engines for online protection by independent research institutes. In business security, Roboscan has extensive experience detecting and solving serious network problems such as DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Our Smart Scan Technology allows scan time to reduce consistently with each usage of Roboscan. This results in less usage of your PCs resources. Roboscan optimizes your PCs performance and responsiveness by deleting unnecessary files, cleaning up Windows as well as Internet temporary files and managing PC registry.