Introducing Premium Domain Names

In my last blog entry, I wrote that a domain name suggestion tool was the “tip of the iceberg” in re-thinking the domain name search process. Today we’re pleased to introduce what we think is another important step in the evolution of domain name search: Premium Domain Names.

Like the name implies, Premium Domain Names are high-quality domains that are owned by third parties and available for sale. Historically, these names have been bought and sold among a relatively tight-knit group of professionals; however, this market, also known as the “aftermarket”, is quickly moving mainstream. Consumers and businesses alike are starting to realize that many of the names they once thought to be “unavailable” are actually for sale, and our Premium Domain Names service lets you offer these names to your customers. What’s more, the transaction closely resembles a “new” domain name purchase; so, instead of waiting days for the escrow and transfer processes to complete, these names arrive in your account in seconds. We've made it is easier to find and a buy a great domain name. We put together a screencast that explains how our Premium Domain Name service works. We've also built a demonstration of our service, where you can query our premium name database of over 600,000 high-quality names, and also see the results of our name suggestion tool. Go ahead and check out how easy (and fun) it is to search for a great name for yourself, business, or brand.

For our customers it means that integrating our Name Suggestion Tool and Premium Domain Names feature into the domain name search process, will significantly increase the chance that a visitor to your website will find the domain name they want. And that doesn’t just mean more revenue from a domain name sale; it means more ancillary revenue from services sold on top of the domain, and will result in another (hopefully) long-lasting customer relationship for your business.

Both our Name Suggestion tool and Premium Domain Names feature are entirely free to our wholesale domain resellers; in fact, Tucows resellers earn a 10% commission on any Premium Domain Name sold. And together, these features will make sure out customers satisfy more customer searches and leave less money “on the table.”
Customers who already have an account with Tucows, can get started right away. Simply login to the Reseller Web Interface and activate the feature. For more information on Premium Domain Names, visit our Services site.

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