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egrep-finger merges the functionality of egrep into the finger we all know and love.


Added Dec 1, 1999
Popularity: 78%

failoverd is an attempt to provide some sort of failover capability for Linux.


Added Jul 26, 1999
Popularity: 77%

fhttpd is an FTP/HTTP server with module support. Modules run as separate "looping"...


Added May 18, 1999
Popularity: 76%

FPSE Clone is a Microsoft Frontpage Server Extensions clone.

Added Sep 17, 2000
Popularity: 75%

The Image::Grab Perl module allows you to easily grab an image with an oft-changing URL...


Added May 24, 2000
Popularity: 74%

ls2html.sh takes a directory listing and produces an HTML document that lists directories,...


Added May 10, 1999
Popularity: 73%

The masqdialer system allows authorized LAN users to manipulate the network interface,...


Added Jul 24, 1999
Popularity: 71%

Netcomics is a Perl script that retrieves comic strips from the Web.


Added Jul 18, 2001
Popularity: 70%

ngrep strives to provide most of GNU grep's common features, applying them to the network...

Open Source

Added Dec 31, 2000
Popularity: 69%

nskan is a Network SKANner, a simple program for scanning and analyzing a host or subnet.


Added May 10, 1999
Popularity: 68%

Public BookMark Generator is a Perl script designed to process links and folders out of...


Added Dec 21, 1999
Popularity: 67%

Portslave is a RADIUS client that is used to create dial-up access servers.


Added Jul 6, 1999
Popularity: 66%

squidGuard is a free, flexible and ultra-fast filter, redirector and access controller...


Added Jan 16, 2000
Popularity: 65%

tcpgate is a server that listens on a TCP port and when connection is established, it...


Added Mar 22, 1999
Popularity: 64%

Tinc is a Virtual Private Network daemon that uses tunneling and encryption to create a...


Added Nov 20, 2000
Popularity: 63%

The virtual private network daemon connects two networks either by way of TCP/IP or a...


Added May 14, 2001
Popularity: 62%

vRouter is an experimental IP network simulator. It supports the simulation of packet...


Added Jul 6, 1999
Popularity: 60%

VTun is the easiest way to create Virtual Tunnels over TCP/IP networks with traffic...


Added Jun 4, 2000
Popularity: 59%

This is the CGI Web E-Mail client for *nix. It runs under Linux with Apache and Sendmail.


Added Feb 25, 2001
Popularity: 58%

WebX10 is a set of SHTML pages that allow you to control a x10 controller, such as the...


Added Apr 13, 2000
Popularity: 57%
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