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Ultra Assault v0.12

file size: 15.16 MB

Step into the shoes of an elite pilot, flying the latest CAA aircraft.

Published by:
7 / XP / Vista

Ultra Assault will pit you against devious aggressors who will throw all their might at you. There's no backup - you are on your own.

Take on six levels of carnage, each with a dastardly boss to defeat. You'll fly over South China Seas, Industrial and Urban quarters, a Subterranean base and finally an assault on the Moon!

Power ups allow you to increase the capabilities of your aircraft. They are dropped by enemies or a wave of enemies.

Each power up fills up the bar at the bottom of the screen - if you press the use button, you will gain the weapon, and the bar will reset.

Remember - extra weapons increase the weight of your ship, so you'll need to upgrade your speed to balance out your additional weapons.