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Tower of the Ancients Redux v0.1

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Defy the will of a vengeful God - join the construction industry!

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7 / XP / Vista
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When Man settled in Babylon, he proposed to build a tower to reach the heavens.

But the LORD will not be mocked. He saw the tower, and in His wisdom he smote it, scattered the builders and confounded their language.

But what if the LORD had not seen the tower? What if some benevolent priest, wise in His service and mindful of the interests of man, had restrained those ancient engineers and prevented the profane ziggurat from attracting His almighty wrath?

They might just have got away with it...

"Tower of the Ancients" is easy to play, and religiously addictive. Position the blocks as they fall from the sky. Match three symbols on the blocks, and they'll disappear; match more than three for some divine bonuses. But watch out - let the tower grow too high, and there'll be hell to pay!