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Rashmi Installer 5.50

file size: 6.47 MB

Installer Creator creates installer application which can be distributed easily anywhere.

Trial Period:
7 / XP / Vista

Select main application and supported files for your application. Installer Creator packs Main application and supported files and creates a single installer. Llimit of Main application size is 5 MB. Limit of Supported Files' total size is 5 MB. Very easy single window interface. Try demo of protecting your softwares with our 'Rashmi Stop Piracy Software'. Very simple, easy interface. Works with all Windows operating systems. Includes Uninstaller. More than one softwares installations supported in same installation folder. Version comparison and proper guidance for the further steps. Easy extraction of main application with supported files to selected installation folder with uninstaller. Proper registry enty. Proper uninstallation including removal of files and registry entries.