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MessageExport for Outlook 2.0

file size: 24.22 MB

MessageExport makes Microsoft Outlook better by adding powerful new email export capabilities.

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14 Days
7 / XP / 2003 / Vista

With MessageExport, you can save, format, convert, copy and process selected Outlook email messages and folders to .pdf, mbox, and many other formats. MessageExport lets you create custom "export profiles" that can accomplish many different tasks to save time and effort. MessageExport can export to Microsoft Sharepoint Server and is also compatible with Symantec Enterprise Vault.

MesageExport will convert Outlook emails to PDF, with attachments either embedded as files within the PDF or converted to image. It also supports export to .msg, .eml, .mht, .html, .gif, .tif, .png and other formats.