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ProductSearch 1.03

file size: 8.23 MB

YORAKO ProductSearch is a powerful price search tool which is designed to help you price searching e.g.

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7 / XP / Vista

lowest prices. It also combines the power of proce robots.

The tool searches the largest online stores for desired search term and returns the results.

Previously defined price ranges can be helpful and useful.

A notification system warns, you if a product to your criteria was found.

If necessary the tool works in the background, i.e. certain criteria defined previously in a list can be used at desired intervals, e.g. every 30 minutes and called. A small notification window alerts you if the search is successful.

A big plus is the global search key (default F2), i.e. you can search selected text in a browser like Chrome, FireFox or Internet Explorer for directly by pressing F2. To eliminate annoying open of a browser and browse to the prices search page or shop. An eBay preferred button prioritizes eBay stores.

Several themes are provided to adjust your favorite layout.