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HDRtist Pro 1.0.2

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HDRtist Pro, easy to use HDR software for Macintosh computers.

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14 Days
10.5 / 10.6
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It has a simple yet streamlined workflow, with features such as 1-Click HDR editing. A live interface, where changes happen as the options are adjusted. The core engine processes HDR images using 128-bit floating point data (16,843,009 times more precise than a JPEG). The unique file format also allows HDRs to be saved and re-edited at a later date. Even JPEG files generated by HDRtist Pro can be re-opened and edited. With HDRtist Pro, it's possible to create an HDR effect from a single RAW or JPEG image.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) & Exposure Blending make it possible to create highly detailed and ultra-realistic photographs with your digital camera. HDR works by combining exposure information using complex mathematics, while Exposure Blending works by simply selecting and cutting out the best parts of each photo. These two different techniques can generate different results. One technique might work better for one image than the other. This is why we think it's best to have both techniques available to use.

WHATS NEW IN 1.0.3 The speed of generating the full size image has been approved, along with the speed of converting RAW images. The support of color profiles throughout the application has been improved. New documentation on how to use an iPhone 3Gs/iPhone 4 has been added. When trying to save a locked document or read-only document, HDRtist Pro now informs you. The Welcome Window now includes some common social media elements. Fixed a bug with exporting the same file twice to the same editor. Fixed a minor graphics glitch with the Inspector. Removed the advert when in trial mode.