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Multi-Page TIFF Editor

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Multi-Page TIFF Editor is complicated and compact application to work with documents in format TIFF.

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It allows you to easily create, edit and convert multipage TIFF files. The new TIFF document can be created using any single graphic file or set of graphic files as well as by capturing new pages from your scanner. You can open an existing file by using either the file browser or 'drag and drop' functionality. The editing features of Multi-Page TIFF Editor are quite complete so this program will most certainly surprise you with its wide range of possibilities. "Multi-Page TIFF Editor" provides almost all page related operations such as adding or deleting pages, rotation, replacing and extracting. Moreover, pages can be easily rearranged in your favorite order by dragging them with the mouse. Multi-Page TIFF Editor has an impressive features for editing each page of your multipage TIFF document. Each page can be fully edited with internal pro-like bitmap editor, including per-pixel editing. Additionally, each page can be documented using a wide list of IPTC metadata. It should be noted the possibility of this TIFF Editor to comment documents. Annotations in the form of text, notes, graphics or as pre-defined stamps can be added to a page and even can be hidden with password to make them invisible. Among other important features of this editor we would like to note such instruments as finding text on the image page (using OCR technology) and barcode generator combined with barcode stamp tool which allows you to put barcode labels on pages of your TIFF document. We also would like to bring your attention to the fact that this editor opens large TIFF files quite quickly. It has been realized with help of special "multi-thread" technology. Multi-Page TIFF Editor can be used on individual computers as well as on large terminal servers with numerous users.