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Photo Resizer by Super Simple 2.0

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The oh so cleverly named Photo Resizer is an image resizer from Super Simple and is meant for everyone from children and computer beginners to fast-working pros.

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7 / XP / 2003 / Vista

Digital cameras today take pictures that are too big to quickly upload to Facebook, forums, or email. But it's always best to take the highest quality pictures you can. Which means, you need to resize your pictures to share them.

Photo Reziser is fast and easy to share pictures with friends and family.

Specifically designed to resize large images from digital SLR cameras, all the complexity is finished for you. Where most apps have a million baffling options, Super Simple Photo Resizer delivers high quality photo resizing with record speed and ease.

You can open any popular image format and save resized pictures as JPEGs to share with family and friends.

Resizing is uber-fast. You can preview resizing images in real time. Save new file names, or Quick Save pics with easy file names.

For children and new computer users, there is no fear of destroying your original photos. Photo Resizer does not overwrite originals, making it the safe choice in image resizer utilities.

How did Photo Resizer come about? From a real need!

The story from the author:

My wife came to me and asked how to resize images from our Nikon D5000 digital camera. (We take all our photographs in maximum quality and maximum resolution.) I had already shown her how to do it with other popular imaging software, but it was just too complicated and slow. She was busy and didn't want to learn complicated options that just didn't matter, and who could blame her? With 30 different options, it's far too complicated. So, I created Photo Resizer for her. She loves it. Now she can post photos to Facebook, even when our Internet connection is slow. The program was just so easy that I had to share it!