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CodeTwo Outlook Sync 1.0.6

file size: 18.51 MB

CodeTwo Outlook Sync is a perfect solution if you want to synchronize Outlook data on two computers.

The application lets you share Outlook calendars, contacts, emails, tasks, documents and all subfolders. CodeTwo Outlook Sync is very helpful when you run projects and want to smoothly cooperate with another person working on your common tasks or setting deadlines in your mutual calendar. The program allows you and your partner, secretary or co-worker to access and monitor shared PST files at any-time. Owing to this, both of you can be always up-to-date with the current tasks, contact list and arranged appointments.

To start working with this app, download it and install on two machines that you want to sync with each other. It is very easy, you just have to follow the wizard's instructions. In the Sync Configuration Window you can choose which folders you want to be shared. You can also decide about the data synchronization type: if you want to keep data from both PCs, from other PC or from your PC only. Once the installation is finalized, go to the program's main window and start syncing! It's up to you if you want the synchronization to be set up manually or launched automatically. Anyway, you won't overlook the syncing function for sure. With just one click of the big Sync button, you can enjoy a quick access to all desired files from both machines.

CodeTwo Outlook Sync is also available in FREE VERSION. It remains fully functional for 30 days, and then, if not activated it allows you to sync Outlook default contacts calendar folders.