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CDClick i-Studio

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CD-Click i-Studio is a very powerful, yet friendly program that allows you to create, copy and print online or with your pc any type of CD/DVD/Blu-Ray discs.

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7 / XP / Vista

With i-Studio, you can copy (read master and burn blank disc) or create the disc content and graphic (label, packaging, insert, jacket) of the most popular discs:

- CD/DVD/Blu-ray with folders holding commonly used data files: - CD mp3; - Video-DVD holding films readable by PC CD/DVD readers and DVD players for Home-Video; - Red Book Audio CD (this format is the used to distribute high quality music).

Most important thing, your copy is a Perfect Clone: thanks to our proprietary CUE and BIN master disc characterization, iStudio offers unrivaled accuracy in cloning and verifying the discs.

And your reading is Disc Rescue: the iStudio CD Rescue has been designed to work so hard on the Master Discs that it is able to read and copy most of the marginal BD/ CD/DVD that any conventional copier or the PC is unable to read (without "skipping the bad blocks).

This is what CDClick i-Studio can do for you: - Choose the best media and packaging for your project: CD, DVD, Blu Ray, MiniCD, MiniDVD, Biz Card CD - Create the ISO file with your digital content and burn your master disc with your PC - Create your music compilation with your favorite audio tracks, your data cd or dvd video or blu ray and burn your master disc with your PC - Burn your disc to make sure your master disc runs or plays as expected - Serialize your labels, merge text with images and insert bar codes - Save your job for future use - Upload your job to CD-Click CD/DVD Virtual factory - Place the order for one to hundred discs online

So, by combining CDClick Virtual Disc Factory with CDClick i-Studio (a powerful client software) and Overnight Delivery Service, CDClick offers an unbeatable NEXT-DAY consignment of up to 1000 discs. From a user viewpoint, it's like owning a CD/DVD/BD production line without the burden of managing it. With CDClick i-Studio, the user is always in control as he creates the disc content, proofs the job at his Premises or Home and manages the Virtual Factory.