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Aes Crypter Lite 2011 1.2

file size: 1.70 MB

Drag and drop files for instant encryption!

Published by:
7 / 2k / XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 Server

Aes Crypter Lite is another Rijndael block cipher (AES). Aes Crypter Lite is a simple but complete utility to codify and decodify files using lightning fast Aes/Rijndael block algorithm cipher (both block and keylen 128,192,256 bits size are allowed). It includes three modes of operation (ECB, CBC, CFB). Aes Crypter Lite is very handy to use: once a valid password has been entered, simply drag and drop all files/folders You want to encrypt/decrypt on the interface of the program, and let the software does all the job for You instantaneously and without hardly occupying system resources. Moreover, data can be compressed/decompressed on the fly before encryption/decryption in order to minimize file system size and increase security.