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InstantLicense 1.0

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A simple, effective, low cost licensing system for .Net software with a 60 day free trial license.

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Trial Period:
60 Days
7 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 Server

If you want to sell your .Net software or otherwise restrict its use for security, how would you propose to control who uses something that essentially can be downloaded from the internet or passed around on a disk? Licensing software provides a mechanism whereby users can download and use your software, but allow you control over which features are available. To unlock features or the software as a whole, users need to purchase a license from you.

InstantLicense is a simple, effective, low cost licensing system for .Net software that does not require a connection to a licensing server. It is supplied as a standalone DLL and with just a handful of method calls it can be integrated into any .Net software in a matter of minutes. The license is a digitally signed file that can be emailed to your customers or downloaded from your website. The user then imports the file into your application via the integrated dialog to unlock those features. The license can be tied either to the user or the machine and can be set to expire after an evaluation period.

Could you not simply write code to generate an 'unlock' key based on the IP address, Mac address or motherboard?

This technique is used by some, however .Net code is easy to de-compile back to the original source using free industry tools making it trivial for someone to produce a new version with the locking mechanism removed. An InstantLicense license contains dynamically compiled code that runs as part of your application on the customers machine; until the license is provided, the software is not complete.

If InstantLicense is largely written in .Net, what is protecting InstantLicense?

InstantLicense employs a clever mix technologies within itself; code signing and encryption, native libraries, obfuscation, dynamically created keys and strong named assemblies which make it virtually impossible for a would be hacker to break into. We have gone through the pain so that you dont have too.

InstantLicense is a quick and effective solution to the common problem of how to earn money from your programming efforts.

The main download targets .Net 3.5. A .Net 4 version is available from our website. A fully functiona 60 day free trial license is also available from our website.