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AEC Signature 2011 32 Bit 1.002.1076

file size: 61.90 MB

AEC Signature software takes an existing Autocad drawing and reads an electronic seal (either designed by the end user or purchased separately).

Trial Period:
30 Days
7 / XP / Vista

In most cases, a simple WBlock of a seal inserted into the drawing to be sealed with a name of SEAL. An example is provided in the program subdirectory for your convenience. After the seal is inserted as a block into the AutoCAD file, then the user may elect to import the signature image as well. Once the application is running, there are choices are to update the seal with an electronic code (ie 12345678910) below the seal, as to provide a unique serial number for referencing the drawing. Convert AutoCAD Versions No waiting for a client to send you a version that is compatible with your version. Convert it in AEC Signature. The software converts CAD versions from 2012-->2000 versions for clients needing compatibility with older CAD versions. Quick Encrypt Quickly generate a signature serial number and encrypted hard copy of the AutoCAD file before sending to a client. Copyright Automatically generate a prefilled copyright with your company and professional information to have a client sign. Electronically Seal Use the latest encryption methods to embed your professional information into the AutoCAD file and attach a digital serial number or Date stamp to your professional seal.