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Qiqqa 28

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Research and academic work today means finding, downloading, and reading a never-ending stream of PDFs and webpages.

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<p> Effectively managing and getting what you need from those documents can be a real pain, and wastes precious writing-up time. <p> Qiqqa puts you back in control, with all the tools you need to manage your documents and notes effectively, visualize your ideas, and find insights you would have missed otherwise. <p> Engineered by academics, its mission is to make your research life easier. <p> Start using the award-winning software that lets you get your academic work done better, quicker. <p> --- Document Management --- All your documents at your fingertips. Powerful OCR lets you search even image-based PDFs. Tag documents and perform library-wide searches on metadata or your own notes. Link PDFs to your brainstorms. Automatically import PDFs. Everything you need to stay organised. <p> --- Annotation Reports --- Easily summarize large documents for review. As your read, highlight passages, mark sections, and add your own notes. Later you can export just those parts to a new summarized document, ideal for printing or import into Word. Perfect for revising. <p> --- Document Syncing --- Access your documents from anywhere. Sync your entire PDF library to all your PCs, & access your documents from any browser. No more manually copying or emailing your documents around! Sync unlimited documents, any size. <p> --- Brainstorming --- Unleash the potential of your ideas. Use the built-in brainstorming software to visualise your ideas. Add links to referenced material, reshuffle, and zoom in. Ideal for planning your project, discovering connections, and understanding how the parts of your subject fit together. --- Integrated Web Browser --- From the web to your library without the hassle. Qiqqa comes with a browser built-in, ideal for combing the web for documents you need. Add PDFs to your library in an instant, without having to manually download, find, move, or rename. Easily search many popular document search engines with one click. --- Designed for academics By academics, specifically for your needs --- Students - school, undergrad, postgrad Researchers, academics, educators I.T and other professionals