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MyPC Backup

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My PC Backup is a fully automated online computer backup service, also known as cloud storage.

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30 Days
7 / XP / Vista
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We use a small desktop application to manage your backups and help you keep track of what we have backed up for you. You can view your files online by logging into your control panel. We also offer extra services such as file syncing and file versioning. Over the past 2 decades, consumers have come to rely more and more on computers. Standard means of communication, have given way to email and new social networking sites, digital images have replaced printed photos, and multimedia files have reduced the normal high demand for CDs and DVDs. This must mean computer users are using up more data space than ever before. Increased usage coupled with the usual threats to data loss hard drive crashes, viruses, laptop theft, and even acts of God are a sure fire recipe for disaster. It could of course spell the end to one's digital life and history My PC Backup automatically backs up all of your files to a schedule previously set by you. Our job is to backup your files when you want and how you want without you having to lift a finger. We will let you know every time we have successfully completed a backup of your computer, so you can sleep easy knowing all your precious files and memories are safe and secure. Try it Today for FREE!