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Goodies 1.1

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Goodies for Mac Smart and Convenient Product Hunting App Released.

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5 Days
10.6 / OS X

Goodies for Mac - Smart and Convenient Product Hunting App.

Goodies is a Mac OS X application that helps users organize their online shopping. In one simple step users can query various online retailers, see tabbed results, easily compare all deals, and assign their goodies to groups, based on their budget, deadline, tags or projects.

Feature highlights: * Search across many online retailers in just one step. * Review results from each shop using tabbed browsing (just like in your favorite web browser). * Add interesting deals to the Compare tab, and once youre ready just select the best product from there (having its price, webpage, your own notes and score handy). * Use any e-commerce site. If its not in Goodies yet, use the Your shop tab and enter the web address of your choice. *Organize your shopping into convenient groups: To buy this month, Scheduled, Wish list and Archive. * Assign products in Scheduled to a month youd like to make your purchase. * Stay within your Budget. Set up a budget for each month and make sure youre not in the red before you decide to buy something. * Manage your shopping list by organizing it into categories (projects) and tags. * Find your added products easily, even when you have already planned for a few months ahead. * Print your shopping list. * Review each items webpage (even while offline), thumbnail, price, priority and note.

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